This monster serves as the final boss of the Story Mode of Monster Hunter: World. Hunters better tackle this baby Elder Dragon to upgrade their Bowgun sets! It is used to craft various Weapons, Armor and Upgrades. Xeno'jiiva Horn x2, Nergigante Horn+ x5, Nergigante Talon x5, Nergigante Gem x1 Legiana Tree Glacial Axe I. MHW: Arch Tempered Xeno’jiiva. Prerequisite Required to Start: ... Xeno'jiiva Tree Xeno Martshu. While grounded, Xeno’jiiva has access to a couple of ranged attacks, though … Xeno'jiiva is an Elder Dragon first introduced in Monster Hunter: World. You can prevent it from unleashing wide ranged attacks and explosions if you keep it grounded. Headgear – 5x Soulscale, 4x Shell, 2x Horn, 1x Rathalos Plate*; Hide – 3x Horn, 6x Soulscale, 3x Wing, 1x Gem Claw – 4x Shell, 3x Claw, 2x Veil, 1x Wyvern Gem* Spine – 4x Shell, 2x Wing, 2x Tail, 1x Odogaron Plate* Spurs – 4x Scale, 4x Shell, 2x Veil, 1x Legiana Plate* C apcom graced players with the inclusion of the Arch Tempered Elder Dragons: Kirin,Vaal Hazak, Teostra, Kushala Daora, Lunastra, and now Xeno’jiiva have arrived. Xeno'jiiva has only ever been seen in the Confluence of Fates. The Xeno’Jiiva Horn is a rare carve from the body, as well as a more common reward for breaking the head. First, use the fireproof mantle (or whatever is called in english), that will solve the burning zones he leaves on the ground, and that mantle recharges pretty fast. The Xeno’jiiva makes its way into the arena for a limited time only. Projectiles. The Xeno’Jiiva Gem - a common material for tier 8 weapons - is otherwise a very rare carve or reward, while the Xeno’Jiiva Tail can only be obtained by carving the tail after its been severed. 7% tail carve. It is strong against water, thunder, and ice, not to mention it has amazing Level 3 active skills such as Flinch Free, Power Prolonger, and Blight Resistance. The moment Xeno’jiiva takes to the air, shoot it down with some dragon pods. Xeno’jiiva Arms Armor; Barroth Vambraces Arms Armor; ... We are talking specifically about 300 Research Points and 100 Meld Points which will help you meld and obtain the gem … Its materials can be used to craft the Xeno'jiiva Armor Set. Armor Requirements: Human: All Materials are Xeno’jiiva Carves/Drops unless noted. Other rewards for silver and gold rewards are unconfirmed at this time. Mega Potion Brutal Bone is a crafting component in Monster Hunter World. Xeno'Jiiva tips Even when the monster is pretty easy, I just wanna point some things that everyone should know. Large Azure Era Gem: 200 Melding Points: Potion. 5% carve. 2 Xeno'jiiva Alpha The Xeno'jiiva is one of the toughest monsters you will face , but it is well worth the armor that you can craft from its parts. Item Description: Brutal Bone is used as crafting material.Can be found in bonepiles in the Elder’s Recess. Elder Dragon Bone: N/A *** Elder Dragon Blood: N/A *** With your victory comes the end of the main story of Monster Hunter: World. 4% head break * 3% quest reward. Xeno'jiiva Gem * Obtained by breaking its head or carving its tail.