Ran him over with a cart. Once you track him down, aim to shoot the gun from his hand. If you choose to bet against Charles, he still wins the fight and you get no money. If you choose to sneak in, you can take 5-6 of them out before you are spotted. The game keeps track of these decisions by using an honor meter which can scale up or down depending on your choices. So get your pen and paper handy! If you kill him, you’ll need to drop his body in the water and enjoy a permanent 10% discount in all Saint Denis shops. She suggests you and your friends claim money differently. While some met untimely and brutish deaths, others went on to do much better and brighter things once the gang disbanded, choosing to leave their life of crime behind. You go to get the cash but don’t get to keep it. Chase him down and you can help him up from the cliff or let him fall. Sparing him will get you a special journal entry, and a letter. Accept Fishing Day – You will have to rob the house yourself. Decline Sneak In You only kill one with the initial explosion and more run out, but you have to time the dynamite to get them. This…, Finding your groove is tough in life, but it is doubly so if you’re a secret agent. Charm – If you charm him he will walk away. Revenue Men Checkpoint happen during Moonshine Sales. Lost Girl It is possible he just adds another man to the Discoll camp attack later, but we aren’t sure at the moment. You get the choice to flush them out or sneak in. Leave Bait – IF you leave the bait, the bear will come and you shoot it. Which leads to a series of missions for Captain Monroe. In Red Dead Redemption 2 death isn't the end, but it can be a bitter blow. If you take them seriously, you get to speak with Jamie without serious issue. Go Back For The Money Arthur says there is just too much history and says no. Here's what happens when you die during a mission, and in the open world. Sadie wants to take out some O Driscoll boys and wants your help. This is an honorable deed. Some items in Red Dead 2 cannot be sold to normal vendors in town. If you choose to go left, you and Bill knock out two Moonshiners. Many of the choices and consequences in Red Dead Redemption 2 revolve around the Honor system. User Info: kg88222. Once the crime has been reported, Lawmen will come to investigate and apprehend you if they get sight of you. Kill – You step on his hands and he falls to his death. You tell the Captain he’s on his own. You will then have the opportunity to do a series of missions for Rains Fall. Check out this guide to find out where to sell stolen items in Red Dead Redemption 2. Help Mary You get a total cut of $2,500. They’ll offer no resistance, basically becoming hostages the moment the doors are off the hinges. Early on in Red Dead Redemption 2, there’s a pivotal moment for Arthur Morgan. You can choose to take them seriously or as a joke. When you return to the bar with Lenny you will get a choice. With both options you can stay behind and track the bear if you wish. Check out this Genshin Impact Ancient Carving locations guide to find them all while you are exploring…, One of the secrets in Genshin Impact is called the Secret Room Gate in Dragonspine. If you choose to help Mary you will have to rescue her brother. You need to decide if you want to attack at night or during the day. Shoot The Dynamite You can kill or you can spare. Arthur says that he agrees that you guys can’t take chances with men like him and kills Foreman. You only kill one with the initial explosion and more run out, but you have to time the dynamite to get them. When you are searching for a new camp site, you run into a cave full of crazies. Bet Against Charles In Red Dead Online, if you kill a player, they’ll respawn not too far away.It’s a huge map, but everyone appears all the time as a purple dot. There are a lot of melee enemies in here, so it’s probably easier to flush them out with dynamite. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Don’t Help Captain Monroe She will still agree to help John and his family escape. This one is pretty rough, but you still get the choice. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. How do i move items from my personal satchel to the horse satchel? You hand John your hat and tell him to be safe as he leaves. You and Lenny get tanked and then you have to find Lenny. Help Sadie Kill – You off the men and they don’t come back to haunt you later. This means all the jewelry and loot you get, One of the more bizarre activities you can do in Red Dead 2 is the Killer Clues. Don’t Help Mary Kill 4 consecutive enemies by throwing and retrieving the same tomahawk. Choose Left Now it is time for some payback. She will then pull her gun and you all enter, no problems here. Help Captain Monroe Spare Cleet After, you will get onto the coach and Hosea will join you. Woke up in jail with this choice. Kill – Arthur will tell Dutch it has been taken care of. Does…. Alright, so. Spare – They will take the train to its intended destination. You and Lenny get drunk and dance, have a slapping match and dunk that stranger in the trough. Win or lose, he’s happy. You sneak to the cave entrance use Dynamite to lure the enemies out. Assuming you don’t get caught, the mission ends cleanly. Red Dead Online Beta was launched on November 27 for the owners of Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition. She will tell him she misses him and Arthur will say he does as well. Split Up – With this option you and Hosea split up to look for clues about the bear. On the opposite side of the coin, robbing civilians, larceny, these kinds of activities have a negative effect on your honor. You can kill people after you hit level 50 right? You sneak to the cave entrance use Dynamite to lure the enemies out. Arthur will say he can’t get involved; this isn’t his fight. You can either escape, surrender and be taken to jail, or die shooting. Seriously carts are hard to control and that area is bugged where he now won't respawn. Then he says it’s done now and walks away. You’ll have to ride to a nearby lake where the group borrow a boat and head into the center of the lake. When you go to save him, you have two main response paths to take. There’s plenty of items to loot. Don’t Help Rain’s Fall At the end of the road, you'll be able to kill your first target, Hixon. One of the doors for me looked like it didn’t blow open, but I could still get cash out of it. If you choose to absolve the debt and pay them money. If you choose to race Dutch back to camp, you have to beat him in a race. 2. There were over twenty members of the Van der Linde gang in Red Dead Redemption 2, and by the end of the game, players have a good idea of what happened to all of them. You get plenty of time, so feel free to check all rooms and upstairs. One of these locations is the Aberdeen Pig Farm, home to the Aberdeen family. Mary will say she misses Arthur and Arthur will say he misses her as well. Where To Sell Stolen Items In Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Redemption 2 Killer Clue Locations, Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animal Location Guide, How To Open The Secret Room Gate In Genshin Impact, Genshin Impact How To Break Ice In Dragonspine, Teenage Blob: Paperson – The First Single Review. Kill or spare O’Driscoll in barn is the first moral dilemma you’ll face in Red Dead Redemption 2. Spare the guards or kill them, Dutch lets you make the call. Crack The Safe I agree with most of that.. but I think, that if they TRULY penalize someone financially, Like 5-10$ for every single time you kill someone unprovoked (Trying to stop someone's mission wouldn't count, and if they shoot you it wouldn't count) then I think it would deter at least a decent chunk of people. You will have to clear out a camp of O Driscoll with her. If you accept the fishing invitation you will go fishing with Dutch and Hosea. If you’re having trouble deciding their fate, our Red Dead Redemption 2 kill or spare train guards guide will help you choose. Sneak In If you choose to sneak in, you can take 5-6 of them out before you are spotted. Nothing happens. My questions are: 1. You can buy the broach or beat it out of the guy at the end, one is positive honor, the other negative. Johnny Hurricane is the resident hardcore gamer here at Gamers Heroes. So my White Arabian from Isabella Lake just died. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Someone has, Want to find all Stranger missions in Red Dead 2? You need to capture your second target, Danny-Lee, alive. If you say no to Sadie she will ride off alone. Music and video games…, The art of sumo wrestling is as old as time, but this cultural phenomenon is being reinvented for a new generation with the release of Yonder and Strelka Games’ Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble! Arthur agrees to help Sadie if she helps out John, Abi, and Jack. Don’t Help Sadie notagamestudio makes things just a little tougher for their 007 wannabe with their new title Agent Klutz. Been 3 days. Likeways, if you "kill" another player's horse, you will be responsabile for the costs of healing it. Make sure you crouch at all times to avoid waking up those asleep inside. There is no mission if you say no. How to unlock: Read the letter from Mary and meet her in the woman's house. Arthur says the debt is canceled and the woman thanks you. That worked for us. After you’ve subdued and interrogated him, you’ll get to choose whether to choke or let him go. Red Dead Redemption 2 features a plethora of locations in its open-world, Wild West sandbox.Every location has its own array of secrets and all kinds of interesting characters. Make sure you put dynamite on ALL the safes, you only need to light one fuse to get them all to go. Return the horse to the man in town for more honor. Currently playing Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, The discount only applies to St Denis, and if you are playing high honour you already get a discount. Be careful of the melee enemies, if they get you it is a one-shot kill. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for a number of reasons. Check out this Genshin Impact how to break ice in Dragonspine guide to figure out how to get rid…, Combining a music single with a bite-sized video game, Team Lazerbeam and The Superweaks have teamed up to release Teenage Blob: Paperson – The First Single to the masses. This will net you a bonus $40. How to Kill the Panther in Red Dead Redemption 2 for a Perfect Panther Pelt To get a Perfect Panther Pelt you'll have to find a Perfect Panther and use the right weapons to kill it. Karen will go into the bank acting drunk and making a scene. There are 4 scenarios that can happen You can run right through- they start shooting immediately They can wave you through the checkpoint You stop, they search, find shine, and immediately start shooting You stop, they search, not care about what you got, and wave you through. Nate claims that Algie will either gamble or waste the money; Algie then slaps Nate… I accidently killed Shaemus the fence. Check out this Red Dead Redemption 2 choices and consequences guide to find out what happens for each one. Be careful of the melee enemies, if they get you it is a one-shot kill. I didn't know about the severed hand! At the end of the train robbery you have another choice. I will update later if this comes back to bite me. Still just dead there. To kill a Legendary Animal in Red Dead 2 you must hunt it carefully -- Legendary Animals do not just appear, you must hunt/track them to stand a chance of killing them. You can drown the man in the trough if you want, just hold his head down to let him escape and hold the button to drown him. Tracking, hunting and … You Will Get Recognized by Officers Even if you escape from the authorities during the initial investigation, you still need to keep your guard up going through town. Kill Check out this guide to find out how to open the Secret Room Gate in Genshin Impact. She heads inside, distracts the guards and it works fine. What Happens If You DO NOT Kill The Legendary Lion In Red Dead Redemption 2? If you choose to spare Cleet, Sadie shoots him in the face. It’s a simple mission, just trailing her father. If you are fast enough, you can crack every safe and make off with the maximum amount of cash. At the end you can go on a date to the theater or leave Mary alone. At that point you give John your hat and tell him to go. Can you Steal Horses / Store Wild Horses in Red Dead Online? I ended up running from the law, which was hilarious and woke up next to some train tracks. If you choose to send Lenny he enters the plantation and attracts the attention of 5 or 6 of the men. It's not a perk in the sense that you mean. For those gamers who love 'Red Dead Redemption 2', we are going to be discussing those important details and a bit of background that will help you along the way in finding out all you can about Dutch Van Der Linde. If you bet on Charles and encourage him during the fight he will win. If you choose to hang Cleet, he dies. Tilly wants him to tell his gang to leave her alone while Susan wants him dead. Harlot Chapter 6 Missables questions (major spoilers). Absolve Debt And Pay Them What Happens If You Return To Micah's Hideout On Mount Hagen After Beating Red Dead Redemption 2? 1st PT, killed it with JM. Will it respawn? There’s still a large firefight that follows. Decline Fishing – You just head back to camp alone and the other two go fishing. Completing tasks for strangers, helping folk in need, this can all increase your honor rating with impacts how you interact with the world around you. 3. It will run and no one will be hurt. Agree to help Captain Monroe and you will unlock new missions you can do with him at the reservation. Spare Absolve Debt If you are not level 50 yourself, can people above level 50 kill you ? Send Lenny This Red Dead Redemption 2 Strangers Guide will tell you the location of all the different Stranger’s we’ve encountered while playing Red Dead 2, Legendary Animals unlock unique outfits in Red Dead 2. You'll usually find him diving deep into the latest releases as he attempts to conquer each and every game that crosses his path. 4. Here you'll have to take out the enemies that stand between you and your objective. Boats usually cost $450 so it’s a worthwhile trip. If you get killed, do you lose items/exp/something or do you just have to respawn and walk back to the place you were trying to visit? This is considered a dishonorable move by the game. It will happen during chapter one, where one of the O’Driscoll boys sneaks into your barn and attacks you when you go check out the noise he made. She says maybe next time you guys could do it differently, and not get a man killed working off his debts. Which areas are pure PVE? If the player decides to rob Algie Davison instead of doing the mission for Leopold Strauss, Davison is immediately seen arguing with his son. If you kill shopowners do they respawn? How to find RDR2 Legendary Animals There are 16 Legendary Animals scattered across the world in Red Dead Redemption 2 . Spare – He will leave and so far he hasn’t come back into play. Make sure to not leave anything open, if you do they will know you robbed them. Help John There is a large fire fight and you have to snipe a guy on a Gatling gun before getting your loot. Nate complains about not having food for days while Algie tells his son to get a job. This way you aren’t…, In the Dragonspine area of Genshin Impact, there is ice that cannot be destroyed with normal fire. In Red Dead 2, you will get to make some choices that will have consequences down the line. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. You can ride with her right away or set yourself up and meet her at camp. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a huge game, so much so it might be tempting to beeline through the story and finishing up the side missions after. Help Mary You fight off a few waves of Pinkertons until some old friends show up. If you loot his corpse he has some cash and a gold wedding ring. View Entire Discussion (5 Comments) More posts from the reddeadredemption community. Arthur will say That Dynamite is safer. The total take here is also $2,500. He will also give you a pen. You can drown him by holding the drown button, just hold his head down without drowning him and he will escape. If you choose to help Rain’s Fall you will receive an honor boost. Don’t forget to loot the house after. Those choices change things like the tone of the game, the weather, the music, cutscenes, and the ending that you’ll see when all is said and done. If you shoot the Dynamite you will blow up a few of the enemies. You and John have to run from the Pinkertons until you can’t run anymore. 1 year ago. kg88222 2 years ago #1. Your first choice will be to kill or spare an O Driscoll Bandit in a barn. If you choose to help Mary again, she will ask you to save her father. The best source for honest game reviews, detailed guides and the latest happenings in the gaming industry. Help Rain’s Fall There actually is a high stakes poker game in RDR2 but it’s part of a main story mission and not a regular place you can go to. Check out this guide for a full walkthrough of the "Paid Killing" Free Roam mission from Flaco Hernandez of Red Dead Online, including gameplay tips, guides, and more! If you choose to Crack each safe you will need to complete a small mini-game for each. If you circle around through the swamp, you can reach him without encountering other enemies until you're very close to him. Use Dynamite You have the option to help out John or go back for some the money. You get to bring the boat back to your camp. He gets the hint and leaves. Similarly to Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Mode, you can "break" wild horses, or steal owned horses, and you can ride with them. Definitely something for my next playthrough. Threaten – You tell the man you will rip his head clear off his shoulders if he doesn’t leave. Race He will run and you need to shoot the bear to scare it away. The letter lies on the chest located next to Arthur's bed in the camp - the picture above shows the letter.. Go to Mary's farm - this place is next to Valentine town. What Happens If Arthur Doesn't Fight Micah During The Final Mission In Red Dead Redemption 2? 2nd PT found it with AM, left it alive, plan to revisit it with JM to see if its still there. This Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animal Location Guide will tell you where you can find each of these dangerous Legendary Animals, how to, One of the puzzles for Dragonspine involves you finding Ancient Carving in Genshin Impact. Choose Right After all, you wouldn’t want to make a mistake. Spare – If you help him up he will thank you and say everything is cool now. While in town with Unc and the girls a man from Blackwater will spot you. Check out this Red Dead Redemption 2 killer clue locations guide to find them all while roaming the world. Red Dead Redemption 2: High-Stakes Mission "I guess it’s just you and me now, Mr … 'Callahan'” – Desmond Bligh. Walkthrough: You need to wait until Arthur receives the Letter from Mary.One of the gang members will inform you about that. To spare, or to kill.... *Major Spoilers*. Red Dead Redemption 2 comes to PC on November 5, and you can check out what new content is coming here.. Red Dead Redemption 2: Should you kill … You will find a clue and the bear will find Hosea. Red Dead Redemption 2 - the sheep and the goats - Missed? Night – You rob the house at night while Hosea grabs the coach from the barn. If you choose Lost Girl, Karen enters the bank and behaves like a lost girl. She seems happy that you paid but still upset that her husband died. Yeah.. There is a chance to make a little bit of extra cash here. Why do I see flickering shadow over puddle in the middle of the market by the trapper at Saint Denis? In Idealism and Pragmatism you end up being able to either kill Jean-Marc or spare him.Killing him will get you the 10% discount in all St. Denis shops. Blow The Safe Arthur says he can’t. This isn’t your fight, but you can hop into if you want. This is what Tilly wants and you shoo him away without killing him. This is a dishonorable deed. Not sure why you would decline, but if you do leave us a comment and let us know what happens. You can either wait it out in-game (and it could take days), or you can make a camp, sleep as long as you can, save manually, exit Red Dead Redemption 2 and reload. Mission goes without a hitch. Hang Cleet Bet On Charles Once you blow the door open, you’ll have to choose what to do with the guards. I'm referring to zones where you cant get killed. You need to choose to lay the bait or split up and search for the bear. If you choose to go right, you will need to knock out and hogtie two Moonshiners. Don’t Help Mary