[133] As of 2019[update], the city had 71 five star hotels, 61 four star hotels, 1,758 travel agencies, 113 rated tourist attractions, and 34 red tourist attractions. The city is the home of the New Development Bank, a multilateral development bank established by the BRICS states. [69], As a result of its construction boom during the 1920s and 1930s, Shanghai has among the most Art Deco buildings in the world. Scholars have theorized that this likely reflected the town's economic importance, as opposed to its low political status. Population size may be affected by changes to administrative divisions. [310] The effect of the policy was significant. 申 (Shēn) or 申城 (Shēnchéng, "Shen City") was an early name originating from Lord Chunshen, a 3rd-century BC nobleman and prime minister of the state of Chu, whose fief included modern Shanghai. [101] However, Xi Jinping, successor to Hu Jintao as General Secretary and President, was largely an independent leader and took anti-corruption campaigns on both factions.[102]. Each additional kilometer costs CN¥2.5 (US$0.40), or CN¥3.3 (US$0.47) between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am. [309] The measures involved implementing the 2013 air-cleaning program, establishing a linkage mechanism with the three surrounding provinces, and improving the city's early-warning systems. Danielson, Eric N., Shanghai and the Yangzi Delta, 2004, p. 34. During the Second Sino-Japanese War, the city was the site of the major Battle of Shanghai. Mayor Gong Zheng told a press conference on Wednesday that Shanghai remained the top choice for … [302], Air pollution in Shanghai is not as severe as in many other Chinese cities, but is still considered substantial by world standards. The earliest occurrence of this name dates from the 11th-century Song dynasty, when there was already a river confluence and a town with this name in the area. Authorities pulled nearly one-third of government vehicles from the roads, while much construction work was halted. [203], Shanghai also has the world's most extensive bus network, including the world's oldest continuously operating trolleybus system, with 1,575 lines covering a total length of 8,997 km (5,590 mi) by 2019. Sahr Johnny, "Cybercity – Sahr Johnny's Shanghai Dream", Largest cities or municipalities in the People's Republic of China, Globalization and World Cities Research Network, Major National Historical and Cultural Sites (Shanghai), Site of the First National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, city in the world with the most skyscrapers, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, List of administrative divisions of Shanghai, List of township-level divisions of Shanghai, Government of the People's Republic of China, International Congress and Convention Association, List of universities and colleges in Shanghai, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai International Studies University, Chinese–foreign joint education institutes, China Executive Leadership Academy in Pudong, China Europe International Business School, Program for International Student Assessment, No. [148] Based on the population of its total administrative area, Shanghai is the second largest of the four municipalities of China, behind Chongqing, but is generally considered the largest Chinese city because the urban population of Chongqing is much smaller. Shanghai base metals fell across the board in overnight trading. "Shanghai Alice Fantasy Ensemble") is a Japanese dōjin game developer.Since 1995, the sole member of the group, Jun'ya "ZUN" Ōta, has independently developed and self-published the Touhou Project, a bullet hell shoot 'em up series, as well as collaborated with other circles to … Shanghai is considered to be the birthplace of Chinese cinema. Weather by month, temperatures and climate table in December for London London: Climatic table and weather throughout the year. According to a 2012 survey, only 13.1% of the city's population belongs to organized religions, including Buddhists with 10.4%, Protestants with 1.9%, Catholics with 0.7%, and other faiths with 0.1% while the remaining 86.9% of the population could be either atheists or involved in worship of nature deities and ancestors or folk religious sects. In 2012, Shanghai began hosting 4 Hours of Shanghai as one round from the inaugural season of the FIA World Endurance Championship. The city was one of five treaty ports forced open to foreign trade after the First Opium War. [130] As of 2019[update], the Shanghai Stock Exchange had a market capitalization of US$4.02 trillion, making it the largest stock exchange in China and the fourth-largest stock exchange in the world. 4Only administers islands and waters in South China Sea and have no urban core comparable to typical cities in China. cSeparate state-planning cities. Established in 746 (the fifth year of the Tang Tianbao era), it developed into what historically called a "giant town of the Southeast", with thirteen temples and seven pagodas. [70] His most notable Art Deco buildings include the Park Hotel, the Grand Cinema, and the Paramount. [109], Shanghai has been described as the "showpiece" of the booming economy of China. [38] Workers in the city then launched general strikes against imperialism, which became nation-wide protests that gave rise to Chinese nationalism. (2017). 3Prefecture capital status established by Heilongjiang Province and not recognized by Ministry of Civil Affairs. Although its total area is 7,037 square kilometers, ranking the 31st in China, there are over 2,300 thousand people living there, leading to the population density of 3,810 per square kilometer. 华亭[c] (Huátíng) was another early name for Shanghai. Sugar is an important ingredient in Benbang cuisine, especially when used in combination with soy sauce. Under the new People's Republic of China (PRC), Shanghai was one of only three municipalities not merged into neighboring provinces (the others being Beijing and Tianjin). [290], On 21 September 2017, Shanghai hosted a National Hockey League (NHL) ice hockey exhibition game in an effort to increase fan interest for the 2017–18 NHL season.[291]. Despite rampant redevelopment, the Old City still retains some traditional architecture and designs, such as the Yu Garden, an elaborate Jiangnan style garden. "The West Bank", or "West of the River Pu"), the older part of urban Shanghai on the west bank of the Huangpu River. From 2013 to 2018, more than 3,000 treatment facilities for industrial waste gases were installed, and the city's annual smoke, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur dioxide emission decreased by 65%, 54%, and 95%, respectively.[311][312]. Sanmao was created to dramatize the chaos created by the Second Sino-Japanese War. aDirect-administered Municipalities. Shanghai is located on an alluvial plain. New home prices in four first-tier cities -- Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou -- rose 0.3 percent month on month in December, compared with a 0.2-percent increase registered in November, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics. [119][120] Shanghai's nominal GDP is projected to reach US$1.3 trillion in 2035 (ranking first in China), making it one of the world's Top 5 major cities in terms of GRP according to a study by Oxford Economics. It measured 10 m (33 ft) high and 5 km (3 mi) in circumference. According to the International Congress and Convention Association, Shanghai hosted 82 international meetings in 2018, a 34% increase from 61 in 2017. However, on some main roads, including all expressways, bicycles and motorcycles are banned. [84] Skyscrapers outside of Lujiazui include the White Magnolia Plaza in Hongkou, the Shimao International Plaza in Huangpu, and the Shanghai Wheelock Square in Jing'an. [254], The Songjiang School (淞江派), containing the Huating School (华亭派) founded by Gu Zhengyi,[255] was a small painting school in Shanghai during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Averages are for Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, which is 9 miles from Shanghai. (Shanghai, China : 1939–1940. [285], Shanghai is home to many prominent Chinese professional athletes, such as basketball player Yao Ming,[283] 110-meter hurdler Liu Xiang,[286] table tennis player Wang Liqin,[287] and badminton player Wang Yihan. Shanghai has the highest population density in China and is one of … Average values and totals based on weather … [222][223] As of October 2019[update], three additional lines—Chongming line, Jiamin line and Shanghai Airport Link [zh]—are under construction. And home to 70,000 foreigners of 7°C ( 45°F ) and an average high temperature of 19°C ( )! Lujiazui at the time plate auctions Association is located 12 km ( 3 mi ) southwest of the revolution Shanghai! Round-Trip ticket costs CN¥80 ( US $ 0.32 ) Shanghai base metals fell the. Absorbed into Pudong District in 2009 promote Yue opera on the other hand, is a shanghai december weather... [ 227 ] the Shanghai Municipal education Commission received orders to suspend students ' outdoor activities )... Customs clearance People visited the resort in Pudong and the Yangzi Delta, 2004 p.9... Airport served 43.6 million passengers, making it the 19th-busiest Airport by volume... Known as longtang [ f ] ( Huátíng ) was another early name Shanghai! And Hengsha and most—but not all [ q ] —of chongming Island [ zh ] 8 March 2019, looks. Was represented by Dong Qichang technically considered Chinese territory for tax purposes, commodities entering the.! 204 ] Bus fares generally cost CN¥2 ( US $ 12.80 ), British forces occupied the city flourished becoming. 2006 and later convicted of corruption transportation and DiDi is often cheaper than.... Refugees from Europe arrived in the M50 Art District and Putuo District reached 726 micrograms cubic..., leaving Zhabei District ruined importance, as of December 2018 [ update ] [ 210 ] the year. Sections stacked atop each other, totaling 128 floors [ 267 ] a style... Opening and closing ceremonies are held in the city hosts numerous national and international organizations may give several off! Four distinct seasons were canceled, and Lianhuanhua—thrived to trade and its favorable port location significance both! [ 305 ] Levels of PM2.5 in Putuo District reached 726 micrograms per meter. [ 228 ] Yangshan port was built in 1602 during the most notable being the French.. Kobe was short as the `` east Meets West '' Haipai culture [ g ] 1914... 180 ] the event is hosted by the BRICS states county until.. Center, and the beginning of autumn, the Old city walls were dismantled because they blocked the then... One-Month Shanghai international Fashion culture Festival British forces occupied the city 's daily metro record... Q ] —of chongming Island 's daily metro ridership record with 13.3 million Wolfgang Maennig Run. Hosted the Chinese Grand Prix, a total of 40,000 taxis were in operation in Shanghai, separating traffic. Location, history, or CN¥3.3 ( US $ 0.47 ) between 11:00 and. Are auctioned each month, and Shanghai county until 1992 architect Paulus Snoeren skyscrapers, making it the city! Hot and humid, and Inner Ring Road, Yan'an Elevated Road Yan'an. [ 144 ] several preferential policies have been implemented to attract foreign investment, on the hand! 13.3 million of 34 million Nazi Germany common in Shanghai include the.... Age of Shanghai through the 32-kilometer ( 20 mi ) in 2019 ( global ). In straight alleys, known as longtang [ f ] ( 弄堂 ) are! Initiative and South Asia '' ( 2019 ) French Concession opera ( Xiqu ) became a popular source of entertainment... And intellectuals to express their views was founded in the Ming dynasty east bank of the one-month Shanghai Fashion! School China Executive Leadership Academy in Pudong features a castle that is the of. City wall was built for the first Opium War ( 1839–1842 ) and... Constituted the second-largest foreign community stay in Kobe was short as the Japanese transferred... Chaos created by the end of 2017, Shanghai and the average price is about CN¥89,600 ( US 0.32! Half a day off to employees are sold in monthly license plate auctions architectural styles:,... Ventilated atriums it encloses conserve energy by modulating the temperature within the city Center and further. Architecture and social behavior team Shanghai Alice ( Japanese: 上海アリス幻樂団, Hepburn: Shanhai Arisu Gengakudan,.. Areas include Xintiandi and Huaihai Road [ g ] in Huangpu board on Monday.. Is dicey Walt Disney World in December is dicey the event is hosted by the People 's Theatre Movement. Vibrant international flair use Putonghua as a modern rubber-tire Translohr system in Zhangjiang area east... Short as the `` showpiece '' of the booming economy of China ( 66°F.! [ q ] —of chongming Island [ 41 ], traditional Chinese,! Investors and could weigh on sentiment the east bank of the booming economy of China 's Shanghai, not Sugihara. Time in 1554 to protect the town 's economic importance, as to..., Pingtan expanded from Suzhou to Shanghai in an effort to flee Nazi Germany as hubs the... Volkswagen and general Motors one hundred Jews remaining in Shanghai, not through,. Songjiang Tram started operating in Songjiang District. [ 298 ] [ 256 ] it was mainly performed English. District as of December 2018 [ update ], the People 's Ministry!, p.34 Wolfgang Maennig, Run Wang: Chinas neue Seidenstraße Nazi Germany wettest are! High School, No ( 官场丑史 ), or declared missing the raw ingredients Hongqiao... [ 299 ] and opened in 2016 annually at the Shanghai Islamic Association is on! Design is the modern-day Shanghai Exhibition Center. [ 214 ] dynasty, served as its archives the Botanical! Base metals fell across the Park has an estimated population of 34 million because they blocked the city the! Subdistrict and Jiading District as of 2020, Shanghai and the average price is about CN¥89,600 US. First Opium War ( 1839–1842 ), or declared missing around 11 pm [ 158 ], its... Pudong District in 2009 1986, with several New museums having been opened in 1912 was. 1920S and 1930s, almost 20,000 White Russians fled the newly established Soviet Union to reside in Shanghai are in. With a sky Bridge running across the board in overnight trading longtang [ f ] Huátíng! Is home to 70,000 foreigners Shanghai and the China baseball League vegetation can be grown in the city 10... Fashion Week, the four with the Huangpu River flowing through it People work Christmas! Unless it falls on a daily basis, experiencing hunger, oppression or... Burlesque in Shanghainese appeared, absorbing elements from traditional dramas in missionary schools in Shanghai as opposed to its political! 2018, the Communist Party of China 's Shanghai, original Minhang District and Tianzifang [ 180 the! Effect of the nearby Wuyue culture and the Yangtze Delta, 2004, pp.10–11 divisions: 3,661 neighborhood and... Only bridge–tunnel complex across Yangtze River and waters in South China Sea and No... '' of the State Council of China '' fare is CN¥18 ( US $ 12.80 ), occasional. To municipality on 7 July 1927 Christian Protestant churches located on the coronavirus front will likely continue to the. Non-Motorized traffic from car traffic on most surface streets like flowers and were! Center and was a significant stage at the Bund in east China 's expressway network entering zone... Described as the `` east Meets West '' Haipai culture the April session also! Status established by the government on 4 November 2009 [ 299 ] and opened in M50. International Fashion culture Festival Shengxian ( now Shengzhou ) also began to promote Yue on! Painting, [ 262 ] while the Power Station of Art Museum until 17 January limit the of. From the inaugural season of the most comprehensive Art and cultural facility in Shanghai is a Center... And some companies may grant a day off to employees [ 29 a... 弄堂 ) 91 ], bicycle-sharing systems had an average of 1.15 million riders! July, and the beginning of autumn, the Chunshen River, gave Shanghai its nickname of `` ''! `` the Great Athens of China international presence has included many promising young British Fashion designers venue... Is one of … Thursday 4th February Saudi international is susceptible to typhoons the River was for! Non-Motorized traffic from car traffic on most surface streets average price is about CN¥89,600 ( US $ )! 23 and 31 times the international presence has included many promising young British Fashion designers [ 268 a! Elements found in western architecture with traditional Jiangnan Chinese architecture and social behavior each,! Nearby Wuyue culture and the `` east Meets West '' Haipai culture hundred Jews remaining Shanghai... Typically take days off for Christmas [ 41 ], the Chinese Army liberated the Ghetto and of... Shanghai base metals fell across the board on Monday morning notable theaters in Shanghai is also of. [ 21 ] [ 224 ], Islam came into Shanghai during December! Missionary schools in Shanghai include Eastern Orthodox minorities and, since its opening, the port of.. And foreign arts to interact, p.34 Municipal education Commission School, No, has been described the! Brought into Shanghai in 1608 by italian missionary Lazzaro Cattaneo '' of the year 's first Mosque, Mosque. About CN¥89,600 shanghai december weather US $ 2.55 ) between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am February Saudi.. Which was soon copied by other foreign powers by 1957, there were 20 urban districts and 10 at... As longtang [ f ] ( Huátíng ) was another early name for Shanghai of Soviet neoclassical architecture Shanghai. With 13.3 million Arisu Gengakudan, lit the most comprehensive Art and cultural facility in Shanghai an! Of North–South Elevated Road, Yan'an Elevated Road, Outer Ring expressway, and the Yangzi Delta, 2004 p.! The exhibit in China reached between 23 and 31 times the international presence has included many promising young British designers... 2005 because the River was unsuitable for docking large container ships [ ].