These questions will help you collect actionable insights on how to iteratively grow your attendees by improving attendee satisfaction by taking action on the collected feedback. Your attendees are engaged, they’ve either asked questions and are waiting to hear them answered, or are ready to participate in Q&A. What’s your preferred social media platform? Single-choice and multiple choice questions 2. You can also go through our pre-built survey templates to make the documents in a time-efficient manner. (50 questions). With the useful insights received, you'll find the i… Asking questions shows your audience that you’re interested in what they think. What topics (or exhibitors) interest you the most? Enterprise Users: Request a Demo View Complete Survey. How many of you have experience using a product like the one I’m presenting? Questions for live polls are a bit different from conference survey questions — especially if the questions are being used. What are you hoping to get out of this event? Building any good event involves getting into the minds of your target audience. Register for and gain access to premium content including the CMI 25 Listing, our monthly digital edition, the MeetingsNet app, live and on-demand webinars, and much more. The sooner you get information about what accommodations are needed, the better. Don’t force people to choose between speakers and classes, for instance, especially if you have a lot of both. Finally, there’s the question of engagement. Virtual Conference There are several ways to do this, and certain kinds of questions are best disseminated in particular ways. 9. For instance, when devising event plans, you could assume you know how many people will show up or how many want to see a particular speaker or celebrity. Questions can include: Where is your country of origin? Careers at Whova Results from the pre-conference survey used to plan Plone Conference 2006. However, creating live poll and conference survey questions from scratch can take hours when you’re already busy with a long to-do list. It also reveals which channels are under-performing. How satisfied were you with the event? Attendee Management, Logistics, and Engagement, Green Events: How to Make Your Corporate Event Sustainable, The ROI on Celebrity Power: Why and How You Should Book a Big Name at Your Next Event. Include as a multiple-choice question and/or an optional comment field. 1. Some event apps even use in-app notifications to remind attendees to fill out surveys, which helps boost response rates even higher. By making sure your surveys can be filled out on mobile, or even through your event app, you increase the likelihood that attendees will respond while on the go at your event. So, at the end of the post about the numbers, we included a link to a new survey designed to help bring a little more nuance into the discussion. What city should we have our next conference in? Likert scale questions 4. Among the highlights from these last two open-ended questions: Add a stream, committee, or course in creating documentation. Questions to Ask on Conference Feedback Surveys. And because event surveys aren’t the only way to generate event feedback, we also offer Live Polling within the Whova event app. Should we include longer or more breaks in between sessions? There are only two typesof survey questions: objective and subjective. If you’re sending out a survey, balance it by using mainly binary and quantitative questions, with a small number of qualitative ones. Event Manager Blog also listed live polling as one of the top. These survey questions can be asked for public events, training courses, conferences, conclaves, exhibitions, and webinars. 2. Use this question for any event where there are multiple speakers, education sessions, or other events. Want to customize your surveys and get deeper insights? A parent survey is a great tool for carrying out the task properly. 7 questions to ask your event attendees. You can use pre-conference survey questions to really get to know their preferences to provide them with the best possible event experience. Even before your event starts, it can be improved. How many of you have been influenced by Dr. Gunther’s work? Make sure your multi-choice options cover as many aspects as possible, including mobility, hearing/sight aid, and others. While you can borrow some questions from pre-event surveys, you can download our live poll template for some serious inspiration. What tools or information do you need to enjoy the event? Start time: End time: 12. This is true at all stages of the process, including before the event starts! Saved by Teachers Pay Teachers. With a good set of pre-event survey questions—deployed at the right parts of the registration process—the survey results will provide useful information for event strategy, benefiting present and future events. Are you likely to participate in one of our events in the future? Download a Live Poll Template The information you provide on your website should be clear and easy to find. Conference evaluation survey is a sample questionnaire to understand the success of the conference and collecting feedback for improvement. How did you find the facilities you used for your session? In the event planning stages, there’s a lot of useful info to be gained from potential attendees. Read on to learn 21 of the best post-event survey questions to ask attendees, and learn how to design a survey that guests will actually answer. Include on registration forms, on the post-purchase confirmation page, or in a post-registration survey. If your survey extends this far, your audience is unlikely to stick around. I send this form out to parents before conferences. After registration, on a post-registration confirmation screen or on a survey platform – This works for any and all questions, excluding mandatory questions you include during registration. Intolerances? Use a simple template that’s easy to use and understand, with just a handful of questions. What topics (or exhibitors) interest you the most? Asking questions is a far better way of gauging interest than guesswork. Benefits of a Pre-Meeting Survey The questions you ask your attendees impact the event feedback you receive. Event Marketing Food allergies? Mention the survey – and ask people to fill it in – just after the presentation has concluded, right before you start Q&A. By tailoring your questions to the type of event you’re organizing — an expo, association event, or academic conference, for example — you can get a better idea of how you’re satisfying attendee needs. You may find there’s a huge amount of audience interest in a particular speaker or education session. 21 Great Post-Event Survey Questions to Ask Your Guests. What kind of vendors would you like to see at the event? Ask follow up questions about the most important aspects of the event, like the keynote speaker. This has the potential to spark conversation and inspiration at your event and in each individual session. That helps them feel more valued and more engaged with your brand and your event. To encourage the attendees to take the survey, you can choose to incentive them with discounts or free tickets. Learn from expert virtual event organizers. Include as an optional question on registration forms or in a post-registration survey. In terms of pre-event survey questions, this is one of the most important because it gives insight into which marketing channels are most effective. To write post-event survey questions people will answer, avoid the following types of questions: 1. Which topics would you like the conference to cover? Examples of event or participant-specific survey questions include: We suggest that you encourage attendees to complete your surveys before leaving the venue. How many times have you attended this conference? Pro Tip: If you send out a full survey, consider offering a small perk for people who respond, which they can obtain at your event. Knowing the attendees before the event also helps to improve your event marketing strategies and reach out to a broader audience. As you get more information about what people are most interested in, you can adjust your event accordingly. Event Manager Blog also listed live polling as one of the top engagement ideas for speakers. Questions about special accommodations attendees may need are in this category. You can use them to get an accurate headcount for activities that will keep your attendees engaged, making organization much easier. This is the most common survey used by organizers to get feedback. What are your food preferences? By participating in the polls and seeing the dynamic results, attendees feel more involved in the event experience. Don’t forget things like recommendations and word of mouth too. Live polling can be the perfect place to ask questions like: 2) Increase attendee engagement: With live poll questions on an event app, you and your speakers can project the questions and answers on a presentation screen for all to see. A multiple-choice question with four to five options, including word-of-mouth as well as your major marketing channels, Best used for trade shows, public events, and other events where your marketing efforts have spanned multiple channels. Whova’s mobile survey platform includes 9+ high-quality templates to save you time. Feel free to customize these pre event survey questions according to the event you are attending! Add to a post-registration survey or purchase confirmation page. You can find out how conferences can use live polling to improve attendee participation in this blog post. Its purpose is to assess students’ perceptions of changes in their knowledge and skills, personal attributes, or impact on … To serve you better, please share what you're most interested in learning about at the conference. (pens, paper for notes, tote bags?). Online Registration Your post conference survey questions aren’t something you just have to do in order to avoid feeling guilty—like scraping off a plate for a leftover meal.Your survey is a part of the event.