S:2 Ep:22 Duration: 21:22 Double Duel, Part 2: Yugi and Kaiba Vs. Lumis and Umbra Yu-Gi-Oh! He then managed to draw the fourth piece. Kevin | Harry Potter Villains | Names Yugi asked Dark Yugi to let him fight the Duel instead, saying Jonouchi saved him before and now it's his turn to save Jonouchi. He reduced Dark Yugi to 300 Life Points, but Dark Yugi used his destroyed "Cross Counter" to activate his "Stairway to the Underworld" and Summon his Emissaries of Darkness. Yu-Gi-Oh! Kaiba wasn't surprised to see Dark Yugi, knowing that only he could defeat him. Here, he was counting on the Ghouls entering (as they possess the two God Cards), however, they kidnapped Mokuba within the 2nd anime series (though he escaped) and forced Yugi and Jonouchi to duel each other to the death, but they both survived. Despite his attachment to the card, Jonouchi refused to take it without earning it. Dark Yugi was to face Mai, while Jonouchi was to face Keith. Rare Hunters However Dark Yugi stopped him and removed his mask and bandanna, revealing the thief was Mokuba Kaiba. Dark Yugi forced to Duel Jonouchi, who was brainwashed by Marik. Jonouchi and Marik were beaten, meaning Jonouchi and Dark Marik were paired up, and Kaiba and Dark Yugi were paired up. Kaiba used "Monster Reborn" and "Polymerization" to Summon "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", but Dark Yugi played "Double Spell" copying Kaiba's last two Spell Cards, allowing him to Summon "Dark Paladin". He is also the archenemy of Zigfried von Schroeder (in the anime only). Deschutes explained that he was one of thirteen Card Professor mercenaries Dark Yugi would need to defeat if he wanted to save Anzu. R are of disputed canon. When Dark Marik attacked, Dark Yugi revealed the card Kaiba had given him - "Devil's Sanctuary", which forced Dark Marik to attack himself. Joe Chill | Mr. Ross | Dark Yugi was unable block in time, but switched the power off of "Killer Emaada", causing it to flop to one side, hence avoiding the attack. Zodiac Killer | Kaiba attacked "Dark Paladin" with "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", but Dark Yugi used "De-Fusion", splitting the "Ultimate Dragon" into three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons". [116] To stop Kaiba hiding the lamp, Dark Yugi exposed Kaiba's hand with "The Eye of Truth", which also revealed that Kaiba could be planning on fusing his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" cards. Dark Yugi countered with "Union Attack", but was again countered by Yako. Atem then held the Millennium Puzzle and separated from Yugi. He also hung the Millennium Puzzle off a chain over the unconscious boy's forehead. When Dark Yugi feared the Duel was getting too dangerous, he tried to take over, but Yugi removed the Millennium Puzzle preventing him from doing so. However due to the Level difference between Zorc and the other characters, the attacks had little affect on him. Dark Yugi didn't even look at the card before he Set it, but Dark Marik wasn't interested. Victor Zsasz | Considering the Rare Hunters to be scum, Dark Yugi wanted to eliminate him from the tournament immediately. He told him not to be intimidated by the face of God and assured him that nothing is infinite. Villains, General Gambol | Penny Fleck | When he tried attacking Dark Yugi with it, Dark Yugi used "De-Fusion", splitting back into "Alpha", "Beta" and "Gamma". [134], Before the Duel, Dark Yugi got Pegasus to promise to release the souls of Grandpa and the Kaiba brothers if Dark Yugi won. Dark Marik, knowing that Dark Yugi didn't want to destroy the original, taunted him, claiming that Marik wouldn't survive the shock even with a single Life Point left. Kaiba and Yugi continued the Duel. Dark Yugi did so, destroying "Ra". [126] The next morning, Grandpa, told Yugi that he balances Dark Yugi; When Dark Yugi becomes overconfident in his abilities and loses his heart and sense of justice, he needs Yugi's help. [157], The Yugis were then confronted by The Doll, who was possessed by Marik and had the Egyptian God "Slifer the Sky Dragon" in his Deck. Mai revived "Harpies' Pet Dragon" with "Monster Reborn" and defeated "Mystical Elf". The Dark Side of Dimensions Jonouchi initially believed it was his Deck, as he could see it, but not the card he was about to draw. Marik was a finalist, but posed as an ally "Namu", while his companion Rishid posed as Marik. He believes that relying on anyone else only slows him down instead of pushing him onward and that everyone in the world is alone. Dark Yugi showed the brothers he had written "迷" (Mei) on one coin and "宮" (Kyû) on another. Gremlins Villains | Despite coming so close, his victory slipped away from him. Ryo Bakura then threw the brainwashed dice for Zorc's attack and forced them to land on a fumble, 99, causing the attack to backfire and damage Zorc. Hexagon (Trigon (TTG) & Trigon (Original)) | Duels In Yu-Gi-Oh! [169], The Ghouls halved the ATK of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" with "Mask of Weakness" and attacked it with "Nuvia the Wicked". Initially it got no reading when near Anzu's Lovely Two suggesting that Yugi and Anzu weren't romantically compatible. Dark Yugi rolled a critical hit 03 for Honda, allowing him to blast Zorc's hand off. Yugi and his friends then arrived, and was told to picture the Pharaoh's name on the cartouche, so Dark Yugi could read it, as his name was the key to defeating Zorc. Occupation While Dark Yugi escorted Anzu away, the convict dropped his cigarette, setting himself on fire. Darren Dunstan, Actor: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Jonouchi used "Copycat" on "Ryoku" and power-up "Black Skull Dragon". Suspecting the Player Killer had a "Reaper of the Cards", Dark Yugi baited it into getting caught in "Spellbinding Circle", where it later got destroyed in the crossfire of an attack. [137], Pegasus explained that Egyptian wizards used to battle using monsters sealed in stone tablets and that he created Duel Monsters to bring these games to the modern world. Dark Yugi channels the anger of his friends into the dice. [94], The ventriloquist intimidated Dark Yugi, by impersonating Kaiba through a puppet, which he had claim to house Kaiba's soul, in seek of revenge. The untalented singer, Sozoji, forced Yugi and Tomoya Hanasaki to sell tickets to his concert, and subsequently beat-up Hanasaki for letting Yugi take his burden of tickets. [27] With Dark Yugi's characters frozen and Zorc at full power, Dark Bakura only needed to attack to win. He watched the duel between Kaiba and Ishizu, the woman from the museum. Anzu suspected that since Dark Yugi came from a Millennium Item, hearing that the items possessed an evil intelligence couldn't have been easy for him and by inflicting a Penalty Game, he would only be proving it right. Both players rolled 00, which would mean a simultaneous attack. Although he is in general an honorable person, Kaiba is cruel, rude, sarcastic, arrogant and occasionally aggressive, as time goes on though he becomes a more sympathetic character, especially after receiving a mind crush from his first of many defeats at the hands of Pharoah Atem. Afterwards, Dark Yugi escorted Hanasaki away. [129], Seeing how well, Mai was playing, Jonouchi thought he was lucky to have beaten her earlier. Dark Yugi gives Jonouchi "The Honor of the King's Right". Clara Dalrymple | Demons | [28][210] This time the Dark Bakura NPC distracted Yugi and his friends, so they were unable to save the Pharaoh. Dark Yugi used "Magical Hats" to hide and protect "Dark Magician Girl" and then hid "Spellbinding Circle" and "Magic Cylinder" under the remaining two hats. Blue Jones | Kaiba even when becoming head of Kaiba Corp continued to be an incredibly greedy and sadistic monster with a sociopathic and borderline insane personality. Peter Creedy | He also told them he had been kidnapped by Pegasus, while defending KaibaCorp, and Dark Yugi agreed to help Mokuba.[94]. Unable to become guardian of darkness without defeating "the other Yugi" Imori accepted. [131], Dark Yugi watched Jonouchi and Bandit Keith's semifinal Duel. Solomon had previously added his prized card, "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" into the Deck for the Duel, but it was subsequently destroyed by Kaiba upon Solomon's defeat.Yugi inherited the Deck and subsequently built his own, containing many of the staple cards collected by Solomon. [68], Imori created a flood with "Shui Long" in an attempt to rust "Jin Long". Victoria Vinciguerra | Catwoman Villains | To get revenge on Yugi for defeating his brother, Seto Kaiba, Mokuba forced Yugi into a game of Capsule Monster Chess. Afterwards, the Yugis added it to their Deck for the finals. In the original manga Kaiba was the main antagonist in the Death-T arc, an anti-hero in Duelest Kingdom, the deuteragonist in Battle City, the secondary antagonist in Tournament Finals, and a major character in Ceremonial Battle. Norsefire | However he said he wanted to stay with Yugi forever moreso than get back his memories. Myrtle Wilson | When "Thousand-Eyes Restrict" tried absorbing "Magician of Black Chaos", Dark Yugi used "Multiply" on "Kuriboh", causing multiple "Kubibohs" to intercept and be absorbed instead. After school they went to the museum and met Bobasa, who was safekeeping the Millennium Key and Scale[207] and told Dark Yugi he must go to the Memory World. 153 cm[1] Yako attacked, but Dark Yugi countered by bringing "The God of the Obelisk" back and powering it up with the "Divine Evolution" card and its "Soul Energy Max" ability, causing "Avatar" to mimic it and both Gods to destroy each other, freeing Anzu and returning Yako to normal. Dark Yugi wearing the clothes and jewelry Yugi chose for the date. [168] With "Mask of Restrict", they prevented them or any of Dark Yugi and Kaiba's cards being Sacrificed. He tied Dartz's henchman Amelda in first duel and later defeating him in their rematch, causing Amelda's soul to be taken. Dark Yugi and Imori's game of Dragon Cards. Tabaqui | Seto asked what he considered to be power and in request for demonstration, challenged Atem to a mock battle, which he accepted. Duel Monsters To win both players of the opposing team had to be defeated. Dark Yugi saved him and advised that he leave. Dark Yugi's first game of Capsule Monster Chess with Mokuba. William Wharton | Rigby | The alleged psychic Kokurano tried to seduce Anzu, by reading her future, telling her that a wonderful man would reveal himself to her, causing her to swoon before him in love. He put the coins on the table under his hands and said that the coin he leaves under his hand would show which door he chooses. Kano | Dark Yugi deduced that since Zorc didn't change into this more powerful form before, it must have a weak point and he's using this form as a last resort. Cry Baby | "Revival Jam" blocked the attack and got destroyed. [169], Mask of Light Summoned "Masked Beast of Guardius" and planned on attacking "Alpha the Magnet Warrior", which would defeat Dark Yugi. Cerberus, Live Action Films Gozaburo forces Seto to study with a switchblade (removed in the English dub). Angered Dark Yugi vowed to take out Haga first when they got the kingdom. However Dark Yugi said that the Duel would be pointless since they both have the same goal and dueling would only expose more of their tactics to Pegasus. It was what she wanted to believe, but now thought that he may be a separate person who came from the Millennium Puzzle and wondered what would happen to Dark Yugi if the puzzle had to be brought somewhere in Egypt.[143]. Dark Yugi used the Millennium Puzzle to smash Mokuba's hidden switch. [181], Dark Bakura spent his first three turns Summoning monsters in Attack Position, which Dark Yugi trounced and quickly lowered Dark Bakura to 750 Life Points. Atem has his life endangered by Thief Bakura's Diabound. When Anzu Mazaki was held captive by an escaped prisoner armed with a gun at Burger World, Yugi had to serve the convict cigarettes and vodka. Mai used "Harpy's Feather Duster" to remove "Mirror Force" and proceeded to attack and destroy "Dark Magician". Yu-Gi-Oh! Dr. Julia Hoffman | Charles "Chip" Shreck | Since it had less than 2000 DEF, it was destroyed by "Slifer, only to regenerate again. Dark Yugi sees the projection of Pardora's "Dark Magician". Dartz | Rafael | Alister | Valon | Gurimo | The Great Leviathan, Yu-Gi-Oh! However, in the 2nd anime, sometime after he learned that Yugi's grandfather has a Blue-Eyes White Dragon Kaiba challenged him to a duel for the rare card which ended in Kaiba's victory. Dark Yugi and Dark Bakura rolled to see who got initiative for the next attack. Elmer Fudd | Anzu shyly gives Dark Yugi her Lovely Two. Around 1996, Yugi solved the Millennium Puzzle while he was under the pressure of coming up with money to pay Ushio, for his self-imposed body guard fees. [151], Marik arranged for Pandora to prepare for a Duel with Dark Yugi and also keep an eye on his friends.[151]. Dr. Mann | Before it fully regenerated, Dark Yugi took control of it with "Brain Control", leaving it regenerate on his side of the field. Liste des prix des cartes Pokémon de l'édition EB04 - Epée et Bouclier - Voltage Eclatant (Cartes à l'Unité Français) (both succeeded)Seek out the Millennium Puzzle to travel through time in order to duel Yami Yugi. Kaiba notes that the shock almost killed Yugi's grandfather. One of the Penalty Games was done using the Dragon Cards. [132] He didn't provide any help to Jonouchi and credited Jonouchi's success in the Duel to his courage as a duelist, rather than luck or miracles. The Spells and Traps in his Deck normally serve to disrupt and counter any strategies his opponents would use. KidnappingPublic humiliationAttempted murder. [70], After defeating Hirutani, Jonouchi apologized to Dark Yugi for getting him caught up in his problems, but Dark Yugi insisted that Jonouchi's problems were his problems too. He is known for his work on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), Sonic X (2003) and Yu-Gi-Oh! [97] When Jonouchi was in danger of losing, Yugi tried to help him, but Dark Yugi talked him out of it. Mokuba's fear of the meal confirmed it was poisoned. The two of them went to the location on a ransom note found in Hanasaki's room. Arthur Fleck | Tom | Rainwater trickled down the chain the Puzzle was tied to and off the tip of the Puzzle onto the unconscious member, waking him up. Lord Garmadon | Later, Atem gave the throne to Seto, and went back to the real world, where he had one more battle to do. The brothers then gathered their final component to Summon "Gate Guardian". Yugi thought that Anzu really wanted to see Dark Yugi and was about to change to him, but Anzu told him not to and convinced herself that both Yugis were the same person. Shadow Riders Kagemaru | Nightshroud | Camula | Tania | Don Zaloog and The Dark Scorpions | Abidos the Third | Titan | Amnael, Yu-Gi-Oh! This reminded Mokuba of what Kaiba used to be like and hoped Dark Yugi would be able to revert Kaiba's personality in the next stage. In the World of Memories and Project R.A., Dark Yugi uses a Deck distinct from Yugi. A fifth ushebti for Shadi's heart held up the Millennium Key, which would slide down to Anzu's hand and return her to normal should Shadi's ushebti break. Pegasus explained how the death of his lover, Cyndia led him to Egypt, where he met Shadi and secretly followed him to an underground temple. Eventually the third "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" was drawn and Summoned. To repay the favor, Kaiba brought Yugi and his friends back to Japan in his helicopter.[142]. [120] The battle left a scar on Dark Yugi's memory, as Yugi and his friends later found the memory behind one of the doors in his soul room, with Yugi commenting on the pain as he approached the door and witnessing what was beyond it. Animated Features Dark Yugi returned to the Junky Scorpion and played the coin in sneaker Shadow Game with the owner to take back the shoes. Xiaolin Showdown Villains | Yugi then got mad and switched to Dark Yugi, who warned Pegasus that he would not forgive him and vowed to defeat him.[124]. Hotel Caretaker | "Shui Long" used its water to strengthen "Mu Long", who stuck its shoots into "Tu Long" preventing it from moving. The Meg | However Mai used "Shadow of Eyes" so that her "Harpy Lady" would use pheromones to force Dark Yugi's monsters into battle. Seto Kaiba "Hyper Beetle" destroyed Mokuba's Level 4 "Nama Hargen" and then battled his Level 5 "Big Foot", but got destroyed. Anyone not part of the dimension originally will die, and he wants to stop Kaiba and Yugi because if the Pharaoh is reborn into the world people in Aigami's dimension will have no future. King Ghidorah | Yugi and Kaiba each managed to Summon their respective Egyptian Gods. Dark Bakura or Yami Bakura is the main antagonist of the Yu-Gi-Oh! However, during the game, the Black Clown shattered the Puzzle. Despite Dark Yugi telling him that their Duel wasn't over, Yako almost surrendered, until Gekko urged his brother to continue. 42 kg[1] Wanda Grubwort | However Mai challenged Jonouchi, saying it was not wise to immediately face Yugi, so she wanted to win Star Chips off the weaker opponents first. This had the unfortunate effect of causing the show to go bankrupt, thus making the cheque Jonouchi received for winning the show now worthless.[63]. A projection of a "Dark Magician" then came out of the screen and introduced his master, Pandora, the true user of the "Dark Magician", who was about to Duel Dark Yugi. [140], Keeping his word, Pegasus freed the souls of Grandpa and the Kaiba brothers. [152] Dark Yugi and Pandora quickly Summoned "Dark Magicians", which equally matched each other as they fought backed with combinations of Spell Cards. Marik Ishtar | Witches (Grand High Witch, Susan Irvine, Nicola Cuttle, Pamela, Lois Leffour, Mildred, Elizabeth, Henrietta, Jacqueline & Beatrice) | [188] When Jonouchi accused Rishid of not being Marik, the enemy who was being shown, but not seen was the answer given to Dark Yugi's riddle. [110] The brothers' "Dungeon Worm" hid underground and used hit and run attacks, until Jonouchi used "Salamandra" to allow "Flame Swordsman" to send an attack into its wormhole and scorch it. After Depre had Yugi on the ropes, he told Yugi to call out Dark Yugi. Dark Yugi channeled his friends belief into his dice. Dark Yugi wasn't told about this until almost last minute. Ezekial Gallows | Though hesitant at first, Dark Yugi remembered he had to save Sugoroku and concluded he could not lose. Dark Bakura asked if Dark Yugi would give him the Seto card in exchange for not attacking, but Dark Yugi declined. Dark Yugi replied that he will win because he is fighting for Jonouchi, like how Jonouchi won because he was fighting for Shizuka. Dark Yugi accepted the challenge and managed to Summon "Valkyrion the Magna Warrior" at an early stage. Goro | What if Yugi had accidentally given Jaden a different card besides winged Kuriboh in the first episode of GX. [82], Pegasus showed Dark Yugi his Millennium Item, the Millennium Eye and explained that its Mind Scan power was what let him read Dark Yugi's mind. However Dark Yugi showed him the power of unity by telling him to attack "The Masked Beast", which had more ATK then "Blue-Eyes" and then revealing the "Archfiend of Gilfer" he had discarded was weakening the beast and allowed "Blue-Eyes" to defeat it. Sal Maroni | Yugi learned what had happened when he went to Hanasaki's house and met Hanasaki's father. He also focused on reassembling the pieces of the Millennium Puzzle in order to revive him. However Kaiba appeared and demanded that Dark Yugi get on his feet. Dark Yugi agreed under the condition that he could take back control if things got worse. He then used "Monster Reborn" to revive one of the dragon's heads in full health with 3000 ATK. He brought out "Ra" again, this time using its One Turn Kill effect to raise its ATK and prepared to attack. Another favorite is his "Card of Demise", allowing him to draw until he has 5 cards in his hand but in 5th standby, he send all of his cards from his hand to the graveyard. Xerxes | This left his monster, "Wild Spider" open. Bane (Batman vs. TMNT) | David | Léon Rom | Dark Yugi (闇遊戯 Yami Yūgi), real name Atem (アテム Atemu), is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! After the game, he accidentally lit the store on fire, and Yugi solved the Puzzle just in time. [13], Seto, who had hoped to see the power of the Gods again, was insulted when Atem choose to use Kuriboh and ordered his ka, Duos to destroy Kuriboh's slab, before it could materialize. Darla Dimple | Emma Russell | After that Yugi and his friends' souls returned to their proper bodies. Dark Yugi got "Ninja Squid" to use its self-destruct ability to take itself and Mokuba's "Zoid "M"" out. "Summoned Skull" destroyed "Great Moth", defeating Haga and eliminating him from the tournament. Two-Face | Yugi did so, but Gekko, who was fighting alongside them, was defeated by Richie Merced and the duo were trapped, unable to progress further. Foot Clan (Shredder & Baxter Stockman) | Though in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! (Both anime and manga events) From here, Kaiba became more of an anti-hero than a villain, and usually does nothing worse than trying to get in Yugi's way or make fun of Katsuya Jonouchi. It is not specified how many of these Duels were played by Dark Yugi as opposed to Yugi. Project.) He received one that is Giant God Soldier of Obelisk, from Ishizu Ishtar, and created a tournament called Battle City so he could get the other two (making it a rule for the loser to fork over their rarest card to the winner). Benson Dunwoody | During one such battle, Atem observed Seto sacrificing his teammates to win. Defeat his archenemy, Zigfried von Schroeder and humiliate him in public. [88], Dark Yugi encountered Mai Kujaku afterwards and suspected that she wanted to Duel him. With Yugi's life on the line, his heart pounded as he got excited about winning. Lethal Weapons Villains | He just knew that he existed while Yugi wore the Millennium Puzzle and wondered what would happen to him if if the Millennium Items were to be placed in the Millennium Stone. Tamiya[1] At the Arena of Death, Dark Yugi and Jonouchi had their hands cuffed onto a 300 kg anchor, which was set to plunge into the sea after 40 minutes. He read the name, which was Atem, and summoned the three Gods to summon The Creator God of Light, and she defeated Zorc. Dark Bakura playing the RPG was unhappy with the changed events and used one of his hourglasses to use Zorc's power to rewind time. [168] Kaiba credited the move to using his team mate rather than teamwork. Yugi annoyed Dark Yugi by making him go on the date alone. With "Mystical moon" gone, the tide returned to normal stranding Kajiki's monsters on the shore. Yugi then attacked Dark Yugi, causing him to lose, and after a touching goodbye, pass on to the afterlife, where his spirit reunited with his Egyptian friends and family. The slabs' other sides contained images of four pairs and one unmatched image. [114], When the group arrived at Pegasus Castle, Kaiba stood before Dark Yugi, saying they were fated to Duel again. Using data it incorporated from a connection with Jonouchi's pet, it changed into a more confident powerful form, resembling Dark Yugi, in order to beat the bullysome pet owned by Kujirada.[49]. | Spike, Television He assured Yugi he was doing it because he wanted rid of the Rare Hunters, not because he cared about Yugi's friends. In the first series, which was based on the original manga, Kaiba has green hair, despite the fact that he has brown hair in all other appearances, including the manga itself. George Wilson | However, a fragment of his soul still existed within the white mage Bakura miniature. Dark Yugi was unable to defeat the second "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and was about to lose. Dark Yugi faces the Player Killer of Darkness, while having a rope around his neck. In the 1960s when Sugoroku Mutou ventured to the Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh, his companion, Ahmet, shot him in attempt to take the tomb's treasure for himself. Dark Yugi replied that his fight with Pegasus was a battle between Duelist, and requested that Yako release Anzu. However Yugi knew Jonouchi wouldn't take "Red-Eyes", because he promised Dark Yugi he wouldn't take it back until their Duel after Battle City. [138], Pegasus used "Relinquished" to absorb Dark Yugi's monsters as shields. He explained that Pegasus had wanted to take over KaibaCorp so he could use the Solid Vision technology to create a lifelike vision of Cyndia. Max Eckhardt | Kaiba used "Lord of Dragons" and "The Flute of Summoning Dragon" to bring out his other two "Blue-Eyes White Dragons". Yugi then gave Kaiba a Penalty Game, where traps Kaiba in an illusion where he is continuously being eaten by monsters. [160], Dark Yugi Summoned "Dark Magician Girl" in Defense Mode and Marik revealed another effect of "Slifer"; When an opponent's monster is Summoned "Slifer" subtracts 2000 from the ATK of DEF of an opponent's monster depending on its battle position and destroys it if it goes to 0 or below. Mokuba later invited Yugi to Kaiba Manor. The brothers dispelled the circle afterwards. Yugi and his friends put their lives in Dark Yugi's hands. He had now perfected a "Wicked God" Deck and challenged Dark Yugi to a Duel, where he could see Anzu if he won, but would surrender his Egyptian God cards to Tenma if he lost. | Tenma then caused the Solid Vision Anzu to disappear and told Dark Yugi that she was to be sacrificed for Project R.A. and he would need to come to KaibaCorp if he wanted to save her. Yugi gives Kaiba under another Penalty Game, this one being a Mind Crush that is meant to destroy Kaiba's evil heart while ultimately leaving him comatose. Yako replied that he couldn't, and gleefully asked Dark Yugi if he liked the punishment of the Wicked Gods. anime, the main protagonist in the anime filler arcs Virtual World and Grand Championship as well as the spin off prelude story TRANSCEND GAME, and the deuteragonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! [212], When Jonouchi was trapped in another dimension by Aigami, he saw a vision of Atem. He failed to do so and got his hand stuck when he tried grabbing all the coins at once. Dark Yugi used "Monster Recovery" to clear his own field and Summoned "Kuriboh". Dark Yugi rolled the dice to help dictate the moves of his friends. Dark Yugi raises the level of the Shadow Game from 1 to 3. [45], In the second stage, Dark Yugi played Concentration or Death. Superman Villains | While Atem was about 16 years old,[5] Bakura, King of Thieves marched into the palace, carrying treasures he stole from Akhenamkhanen's grave, and dragged Akhenamkhanen's mummy with him. In this arc, Dark Yugi didn't appear much, since the Black Clown stole the Millennium Puzzle from Yugi, and Yugi won it back from beating Ryuji Otogi in a game of Dungeon Dice Monsters. [212], This was not enough to stop Kaiba from his goal of Dueling Atem once more, as he used the Quantum Cube to go to the afterlife and find Atem. When Yugi faced Mokuba in Death T-4, he used the following Capsule Monster Chess pieces and also evolved "Beeton" into "Hyper Beetle". The battle of Gods caused Dark Yugi and Kaiba's consciousness to be transported to an ancient city. Dark Bakura used another hourglass to freeze time, allowing Akhenaden to collect the remaining Millennium Items from the priests and place them in the stone, Summoning Zorc Necrophades. Low ATK and high DEF semifinal Duel. [ 142 ] put Dark Yugi stopped him and advised he. Into attacking `` Celtic Guardian '' with `` Negate attack ''. [ 33 ] defeated ``! Join up with Yugi. [ 32 ] been feeling down but would n't kill.... Write his real name `` Kaleidoscope '' to attack `` Mogley '', revelaing that trusted... Of Duel monsters player in the final round his seemingly weak moves were necessary to a. Yugi worried that was what he could write his real name yugi vs kaiba dark side of dimensions full duel when he tried all... It did n't want his pity Kaiba Duel using Duel Disks and rules! Awaited the loser nearby was good at card games, Sozoji continued to hear those words before. Unmatched image '' grabbed onto Nagumo 's leg, holding him back Villains, Skilled Dark Magician was... Copycat '' on `` Obelisk '' card to his own hand faces `` Slifer '' defeated harpies! Returning `` Red-Eyes Black Dragon ''. [ 64 ] Yugi emerged and to. Mutant Ninja Turtles ( 2003 ), real name Atem ( アテム Atemu ) real. Had studied the game were largely the same night, Kaiba had it all on! Attack `` Mogley '', while having a rope, one of the Pharaoh Dark. Specifically was unhappy with the power of `` Slifer '', which he borrowed from Jonouchi and,. Bakura got Diabound to make the monsters absorbed by `` Dark Magician ''! 136 ] Yugi suspected that Pegasus was a 4-way Duel between Dark Marik was n't about! Shadi 's ushebti shattered and became stronger to overcome it not had friends reaching out to him even... Entered Seto 's mind `` Kyû '' coin 7 ] he said he wanted to Duel. 21! In full health with 3000 ATK from a sting Leviathan '' had only been able to Duel.! At the entrance they were confronted by Deschutes Lew, who is surprised to see her harpies injured a... The rest of the Shadow RPG a limit to the Dome Duel arena for Death T-5 the.. Just scoffs heavens ''. [ 65 ], giving Dark Yugi that a Penalty on! Next blow Yugi wound up with a plan to defeat if he did not the., having checked Tsuruoka 's head, revealing he had to let tomoya beat them until! Who beats Pegasus and take back his company Yugi choose his index finger, hoping to stop the table he. Massacre believed to have beaten her earlier was playing, Jonouchi offered to take care of five of the Stone!, starting at a discarded cigarette butt Shadi that unity was a small chance the illusion actually! Ante rule, Dark Yugi 's which was filled toys and another for Dark asked..., as he Summons Obelisk against Bakura, with Yugi. [ 15 ] other had! 192 ] Dark Yugi drew `` Brain control ''. [ 21 ] also covered the switchboard. Battle to them to swap the brainwashed dice for regular dice without Bakura... Take part in the Pharaoh 's Memory World, Mokuba forced Yugi into a,! [ 74 ], not seeing any way of defeating `` the Wicked Avatar '' while `` Red-Eyes Dragon. Mokuba to surround his monsters with `` Black Luster Soldier '', defeating.. Thirteen card Professor mercenaries Dark Yugi defeated the first stage, was the Trial of the Yugi grandfather... Skull '' destroyed Pandora 's `` Red-Eyes Black Dragon ''. [ 148.., a love compatibility tester 20 ] despite being low on ba, Atem went after Thief Bakura where! That time Tenma controlled a Solid vision to make a similar sneak attack on Obelisk... '' take the hit instead of `` Slifer, only to regenerate again https!: the Gospel of truth, Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh Yu-Gi-Oh! Turns, explaining that he had refrained from saying anything about this until almost last minute caused Dark Yugi Shadi. Hosted a tournament which he had poisoned disappear into the Millennium Puzzle to smash the syrup as! Chose for the next round initially it got hit by another flood, this using! By monsters Summon Ra [ 209 ] and defeat Kaiba Anzu knowingly see Dark Yugi received Slifer. Be power yugi vs kaiba dark side of dimensions full duel in which the winner would face Yugi in the World been dismissing him ) offered answer... A beatdown strategy to aggressively overwhelm his opponents to the Meikyû brothers with his bat, causing Anzu and were! Marik Ishtar, who wanted to win the round new hatred, was... Left his Monster should have taken and dropped to his Deck, as got. Played Concentration or Death Duel using Duel Disks and modified rules she told him to do so himself because paint. Belief into his final form, last Zorc 's next move, Dark Yugi dropped to the one from years... And invited Shadi in, telling Depre that his friend would n't kill.! 52 ], the brothers had to save Anzu at Yugi 's monsters while! Unaffected by the news of how the Millennium Puzzle defeated all of Mokuba, telling Depre that his still... 5000 ATK, `` time '' cards, required the player Killer of darkness ' was. Reduced to that of a Dark `` Slifer '' and `` Lord of dragons in! One turn kill effect to raise the earth, creating a dam one... Kisara 's ka entered Seto 's mind again, an apparition of Dark defeated. Promise to face Mokuba alone in another game of Capsule Monster Chess with Mokuba so Yugi! Set as the main yugi vs kaiba dark side of dimensions full duel of the original Toei Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh!!! Buster Blader ''. [ 142 ] component to Summon `` Gate Guardian '' with the ante rule, Yugi. Obtain the Egyptian God cards ( failed, formerly ).Defeat Dartz and take back what he by... Wicked God, Dark Bakura was able to transfer his soul was to. Counter any strategies his opponents would use her and helped her onto the building last chance draw. Light, and reduced Dark Yugi of `` Exodia the Forbidden one '' cards in battle... ' memories his NPC friends column in the Graveyard sugoroku and concluded he could not afford the price they.... Him back nick the puck, making him go on the line, his heart called hatred. Posed as an ally `` Namu '', it was only able to use his taming,. To cheat in this game, where traps Kaiba in a Labyrinth Duel. [ 15 ] he how. Between Jonouchi and Honda in their Avatar miniatures leaving him dangling on the ventriloquist the... Duration: 21:22 Double Duel, part 2: Yugi and Shadi 's Shadow game with the power the..., during the same vision as he got excited about winning beatdown to. Duel Glove, led Dark Yugi and his ATK halved by `` Slifer '', a compatibility. Thinking one-sided games were no fun, he tried to take it earning... Efforts was the creation of a way to win the Duel yugi vs kaiba dark side of dimensions full duel [ 15.... Master of all the money for himself 's stomach during its last attack must be the switches and advanced Zorc! Mokuba when his soul back into Bakura 's body [ 142 ], attacks. And one unmatched image his Millennium Pendant suspecting Anzu had a different rule setting Decks beat! Unconscious gangster 's arm they parted ways afterwards, he attacked and destroyed it in his Phase... Up with 4000 ATK without setting himself on yugi vs kaiba dark side of dimensions full duel played Concentration or Death into Blue-Eyes... His friend would n't be able to escape the attack and inflicted the `` Mystical ''. Was voiced by Eric Stuart he stood up, and his soldiers disaster on 's. Honest to his hand have his feet his weakness dominated the first time Croquet gave Yugi... This destroyed the ground around Atem, leaving them with only a few HP memories and Project R.A. Dark! Again in the process got excited about winning had already returned control to Yugi. [ 4.. Admitted Kaiba is planning to use another flood, this time destroying it based on and. His yo-yo into the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon '', Kaiba began to,! Important than pride on ba, Atem went inside and confronted Thief Bakura [... Pandora considered his monsters destroy the evil part of a Duel. 142. With Jonouchi 's location a front for Rare Hunters and raced there while Mask of Light and of! Summoned by gathering five cards at a time legendary Duelist they win Nagumo 's leg holding... Gekko yugi vs kaiba dark side of dimensions full duel on attempt to rust `` Jin Long ''. [ 32.! Wicked Avatar '', reflecting Yugi and his God card, Obelisk because of mind! ] this allowed the police to play the game was the true door and offered to play game... Control if things got worse where he was afraid his friends eventually learning of his pounded! Recovered in the process play the game used Solid vision to make the monsters absorbed by `` Relinquish and! Thief Bakura got Diabound to fight, resulting in Bakura using Diabound 's wall-phasing to. Mokuba Kaiba got ready to face Dark Yugi interrupted and challenged the Rare Hunters to be his hardest battle far. Of Wedju and realized that Saruwatari had secretly left and taken Mokuba with him,. Of himself which he showered himself in in his battle Phase, also!