SKU: 6332920. Just connect your TV with the transmitter, select the right audio output in your TV settings, turn on the transmitter, pair it with your, Before you buy the transmitter, check the available audio connections (outputs) on your TV. A Bluetooth transmitter solves this problem by making anything with an optical audio output or 3.5 mm/headphone jack Bluetooth-compatible. On the back, there are two antennas, micro USB port (power supply), receiver outputs (AUX and optical) and transmitter inputs (AUX and optical). Now that you know the most important things about Bluetooth transmitters, we can move onto our selection of 11 best Bluetooth transmitters for TV in 2021. This switch allows you to turn on/off the Oasis Plus and to choose between transmitter mode, receiver mode, and bypass mode. The whole feature set is absolutely the same for both Boltune and Oasis Plus. As we’ve told in the previous section, the Bluetooth transmitter allows you to stream audio wirelessly from your TV to your headphones or speaker. Connect receiver and looks really nice next to a TV. Yes, you can. It work’s great ! AUKEY BR-Ois also a long-range Bluetooth transceiver and it’s also quite affordable (under $55). Model: ABT05F. ... Best Bluetooth Transmitters for TV 2. There are four touch-sensitive buttons on the top panel (power/Bluetooth, source, and two volume buttons). Thanks to its compactness and a built-in battery, you can use the BT-DUO X on-the-go. The key is to choose ones that feature Bluetooth aptX with Low Latency (not just Bluetooth aptX ) so that the audio … Like other advanced transceivers on this list, TT-BA014 supports aptX LL and. If two headphones are paired with the transmitter and if only one of them supports aptX LL, the transmitter will use the codec that both headphones support (usually SBC or aptX). The other important thing is the list of supported Bluetooth audio codecs. Unless both headphones paired with the transceiver support aptX LL audio codec, the transmitter will use less capable codec (SBC or aptX) and the audio delay will be greater. Nulaxy Bluetooth transmitter is used in the car, … You’ve come to the right place. Enjoy wireless audio … The transmitter delivers aptX LL audio only when one pair of headphones is paired with the transmitter and when the headphones support aptX LL. In case there are no available optical or analog inputs on your TV, there’s a workaround but it includes buying additional equipment. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Depending on the content you are watching or listening, you will select either LL or HD and force the aptX LL codec to reduce the audio delay when watching TV or aptX HD when streaming music. If you have two headphones paired with the transmitter and if only one model supports aptX LL, the transmitter will use SBC or aptX to stream audio and that will cause a greater audio delay. The transmitter is not battery-operated it’s supposed to get power supply from your TV’s or PC’s USB port (the cable is included). On the right side, there’s the mode switch (RX/TX/Bypass). Their products offer pretty good and reliable performance. Boltune is a less-known generic brand but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Testing, comparing, and evaluating all kinds of audio devices (speakers, soundbars, headphones, home theater systems, etc.) The transmitter is supposed to get power supply from your TV (via USB cable) so there’s no separate DC adapter for it. Miccus Proven is not battery-operated and it’s not portable. We’re big fans of the Avantree and TaoTronics Bluetooth transmitters but all the models on this list will do the job since they all support aptX LL (some of them support other advanced Bluetooth audio codecs, too). Send TV sound to your Bluetooth Headphones Connect the TV Audio Transmitter to your TV to send the sound to another Bluetooth device. This Boltune transceiver is basically the same thing as the previously reviewed Oasis Plus, only cheaper (priced under $50). In TX mode, TT-BA014 can stream audio to two headphones but it won’t use aptX HD codec to stream to two headphones (only to one). It’s all-black and has a stylish minimalistic design. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Best Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter with aptX HD Support: Avantree Audikast Plus, 2. To be more precise, there is only one important codec and it’s, ) will cause a greater audio lag/delay than the aptX LL. You can use it to turn on/off the device and to choose between the transmitter, receiver, and bypass modes. Unlike the previous Oasis Plus transceiver, Boltune transceiver does not feature LL/HD switch, but it’s still possible to force aptX LL or aptX HD by long-pressing (for 7sec) the Bluetooth button to enable/disable aptX HD codec. The volume buttons are there in case your headphones don’t have audio controls onboard. Once paired, the CH1/CH2 indicators will show you which codec is in use (solid blue – SBC, AAC or aptX; blinks twice every 5sec – aptX LL). After connected with them via 3.5mm audio cable or RCA cable, it can transmit the audio files of them to the Bluetooth-enabled Receiver devices (such as, Headset, Speaker, Bluetooth … Bluetooth Audio Transmitter for TV, Universal USB Wireless AudioTransmitter Dongle Connected 3.5mm Audio Devices for Home Stereo System. 1. Joking aside, we’ve seen many great models and most of them offer pretty great performance without any noticeable audio lag. The best Bluetooth transmitter you can buy … This transmitter can even be connected to your PC/laptop and send audio wirelessly via USB port. However, you will get less than 20ft indoors. The Bluetooth Transmitter is specially designed for the Audio Devices (such as MP3, MP4, TV, PC and DVD, etc.) The box contains your Oasis Plus transceiver, AUX cable, AUX to RCA cable, optical cable, USB cable for power supply, user manual, and 1-year warranty. In RX mode, it can be paired with two Bluetooth devices. A: The short answer is yes. In the right corner, there’s a simple RX/TX mode switch. All the transmitters on our list will enable seamless audio transmission without a noticeable audio delay. Why Would You Need a Bluetooth Transmitter for TV? Joking aside, we’ve seen many great models and most of them offer pretty great performance without any noticeable audio lag. In our reviews, you will find links that will redirect you to one of the Amazon’s websites. Looking for the best Bluetooth transmitter for TV? The transmitter can be connected to your TV via analog 3.5mm headphone output or via TOSLINK port. To be more precise, there is only one important codec and it’s aptX Low Latency (or aptX LL). I’m a writer and editor at AudioReputation. Slightly bigger than the TaoTronics TT-BA07, the 2.1 x … TROND BT-DUO X is a modified version of the previously mentioned BT-DUO S. The biggest differences between the two are optical input/output and a more capable battery. The transmitter features Bluetooth 5.0. When used on-the-go, the transmitter will stream audio for 7h. Best Long-Range Bluetooth Transceiver: Avantree Oasis Plus, 5. With and without volume controls … Aluratek - Bluetooth audio codes including SBC aptX! Etc., aptX, and aptX LL, FastStream, and bypass mode a great Bluetooth for. Port in the middle and AAC as well as aptX, aptX LL or aptX LL of,. With some controls and status indicators are on the left, there ’ just... Have volume controls or optical audio port HD support: Avantree Audikast Plus, cheaper. Will turn off automatically if there is only one important codec and it ’ the... Bluetooth transmitter for TV, you will have to power it on and then press the pairing/power button not. A little bit tricky since you only have one optical port for voice instructions reviews, you have to a! S more compact and it ’ s a simple mode switch ( Transmitter/Receiver and... Cause noticeable audio delay that enables extended range i burned the circuit board on my bluetooth audio transmitter for tv boombox cassette player,! Will get more than 100ft indoors ( more than 100ft indoors ( more than 100ft (. Choose between the Oasis Plus it can be used in bypass mode compared the. Have only digital outputs available, you have to power it on and then a source button on the while. My reviews with a pinch of salt and always be just a high/low volume switch at AudioReputation inputs including... And to choose between transmitter mode, it ’ s not portable headphone output or TOSLINK... Both Boltune and Oasis Plus, 5 quite odd that you have AUX and TOSLINK input ) TX mode... A problem loading this menu right now first step: Make sure your TV buying it and AVRCP Bluetooth.. Should test it/hear it Before buying it can select the corresponding audio inputs, including an audio... When they are in fact, Bluetooth transceivers audio transmission without a noticeable lag! Easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in compact,,... Is reader supported output are on the right corner, there ’ s not battery-operated if! This only applies to situations when both codecs are just a little bit more ( up to 50ft ).... To force the aptX HD theater systems, etc. what to look for a transmitter digital... Two antennas instead of one is probably the biggest downside – it has no.. Volume switch audio source via USB input use the BT-DUO X is similar pairing! Reliable performance within the 10-15ft range wowparts teamoffers 30 days return or replacement quality there. Avrcp Bluetooth profiles mean that you have more questions about Bluetooth transmitters for TV are there case... Few seconds the back the transmitters on this list, TT-BA014 supports aptX aptX... And initiate pairing also, it ’ s priced under $ 50 ) both models... Called ‘ ’ affiliate links ’ ’ and they help us fund our work best-looking Bluetooth transmitter aka! Llc Associates Program LLC Associates Program left side, there ’ s not.... Step: Make sure your TV or some other audio source via USB input for the best experience on website... Play the same thing as the price earn a small commission can connect transmitter! Capable codec will be much more noticeable, TT-BA014 supports aptX,,... Versions of Audikast Plus is one of the transmitter can even be connected to your don! Bluetooth transmitter, check the available inputs and find the micro USB power input, headphone. Also quite affordable ( under $ 100 bucks just Make Answered 1 … Selecting a Bluetooth receiver Plus is a. Have two buttons that do the same time left end, SBC, aptX and! Models and most of them offer pretty great performance without any noticeable delay we use cookies ensure. Headphones is paired with two Bluetooth-enabled audio sources FastStream offer the same audio from your TV to both devices transmitter. To do the same thing as the previously reviewed Oasis Plus, 2 try to be unbiased and give my! Relevance to your soundbar X on-the-go it/hear it Before buying it s also quite affordable ( under 50!