At this point, after spending fifteen minutes over-analyzing the options, You’re tough! (The snake didn’t even rattle as he gently nudged it off the trail with a long stick – he took a video of the proceedings, and the snake seemed awfully mellow about the whole thing.) As mentioned above once you turn left at the three way junction (after visiting the cabin) and follow the blue blazed trail until you reach the South Taconic trail, there is a trail closed sign at the end. Step carefully out there! Hiking info, trail maps, and 42 trip reports from Alander Mountain (2,239 ft) in the Taconic Range of Massachusetts Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. Please read it before heading out into the wild green yonder, and let's hope that everyone will adhere to that guidance so that we can keep heading in the right direction in the Hudson Valley. Directions to the trailhead:From Millerton, head north on Route 22.  After about 8.5 miles, turn right onto Under Mountain Road, just after Old New York 22 comes in from the right (for the second time).  Cross over railroad tracks.  About a mile after the turn off of 22, you’ll see the trailhead markings on a tree to your left.  (It says “No Parking” here, but I saw two different cars parked here on my trip. There were segments so overgrown, that if you you looked for a moment, the trail ostensibly vanished. I’m hoping to head out there next weekend (April 29th). Alander Mountain Trail is a 5.8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Sheffield, Massachusetts that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. Vegetarian/vegan options clearly marked. One more minor detail: If I was hoping to come across an eastern timber rattlesnake in its natural environment, this is the hike I would pick. Thank you !!! and the “closed” portion is the blue blazed allander loop trail? I very much look forward to deleting this warning someday.And also! The closed trail goes north to the cabin junction from the South Taconic Trail and is shown as an unmaintained trail (dotted line) on NYNJTC map #107. If you went straight/left here, which looks logical, you’d end up on a Spur Trail to Nowhere, so try not to do that.”, If you thought you were on Step 5 at that point, you would have been looking at these instructions: “You might notice another trail joining from the left, with a big blue X on the tree to tell you not to go that way. Thanks, There where a number if other people on the trail that were using it as well. 16.  From the front door of the cabin, look back uphill, the way you just came down.  Straight ahead, you’ll see a sign directing you to the right for the Alander Mt.  I’ve added a warning at the top of this page accordingly, so hopefully you aren’t finding this out just now. It was okay, though, because there was a great view at the south summit. Add Photo (s) Drop Photo (s) This page is a stub. Without you I would of been very lost. Alander Mountain Trail is a 9.3 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Sheffield, Massachusetts that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. Thanks for helping me have the confidence in the trails. 3.  For the first mile or so, the trail is pretty flat.  Enjoy it while you can.  In just a couple of minutes, after taking in the nice view across the field to your left, you’ll come to the junction with the Robert Brook Trail, which is marked by a tree that is eating the sign. We have enjoyed using your maps and love the photos. Keep it up! A view north from Alander Mountain. The northern end of the trail begins off Route 23 just up the road from the Hillsdale, New York, Catamount Ski Area. Just curious if you know anything about it. I saw a very similar-sounding ammo box at Fahnestock Park just this week (which reminded me to come back and finally reply to your comment – sorry it took me so long!). I’ve never seen a copperhead before, and hope to keep that streak going. I have one last question, in your opinion which of these mountains has the best views? Not really paying attention to the time or thinking about what time the sun would be setting. The trail is wet so please wear waterproof boots if you have them. I don’t plan on pushing it if the conditions look that bad. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks! Or just wear whatever you have already. Leave one at the NY trailhead to the Alander Brook Trail on Undermountain Road. From Alander you can see Mt. Hi–I just got back from trying this hike, and had some difficulty at Step 5. Otherwise the views are incredible … nice hike. So I took the left fork instead of the right, and it brought me down to where the red trail meets the white. Enjoy the views, then continue downhill on the South Taconic Trail until you reach the Alander Brook Trail. Alander hike (the majority of the hike outlined below isn’t shown on that map, but it’s still a nice resource to have).  Thanks, MassParks! Alander Mountain is in the Summits category for Berkshire County in the state of Massachusetts. Your trail guide and extensive commentary was really useful and much appreciated. 20 cars in the lot on a cold Sunday. A hole in the wall, but not cheap. What say you my Toddler toting, unafraid of sitting next to rattlesnakes for a break, South Taconic Mountain expert? Turn left and follow this pleasant trail for the next 3.5 miles, paralleling a brook for much of the way. Good trail for doggos. Great hike. Washington St. Forest HQ in Massachusetts, which is what my friend did.  Her group found a nice hiker to drive them back to their car at the other trailhead, a twenty-minute drive, which was very fortunate and cool of that hiker.  But let’s do our best to have you avoid hitchhiking today, shall we?). I’m going to echo the previous statements – the blue trail is CLOSED and it is listed on the NYNJTC map as “unmaintained”. Hope you have a great trip, Ricky! We should have realized after we didnt see the cabin to turn back but we went about 2 miles back down the mountain in the opposite direction before we decided to totally do a 180. Background you can feel free to skip: There are several good ways to get to the top of Alander Mountain, but there aren’t any easy ones.  Of the two ways I’ve tried, the first is the longest hike (8 miles) I’ve ever done with a baby on my back, and the other is the steepest (1,822 feet in ascent in 5.4 miles).  I’ll write up the steeper, shorter version here, but if you’d like to try the longer, gentler climb (the trailhead for this one is 700 feet higher), check out the write-up for Alander Mountain II. Part of the Taconic Plateau, the area provides access to multiple peaks Mt Frissel (south) and … Bash Bish Mountain MA (1.7 mi) Bob's Hill NY (5 mi) Brace Mountain NY (3.1 mi) Cedar Mountain NY (2.5 mi) Center Hill NY (4.9 mi) Dugway Hill NY (3.2 mi) Fox Hill NY (3.3 mi) Gridley Mountain CT (3.8 mi) Mount Ashley MA (2.4 mi) Mount Bushnell MA (4.8 mi) Mount Darby MA (3.9 mi) They were congregated in a very small clearing perhaps a half mile down the trail from the summit, if you’re going clockwise. For all the beauty you’ll find here, you won’t be bothered by crowds, unless perhaps you’re competing for a spot in the cabin near the summit.  Actually, that’s been empty both times I’ve been up here, so maybe crowds aren’t an issue there, either. We were just so confused when we looked at the sign and south was north and north was south.  We like our state borders clearly marked, indeed we do. I’ve never done this hike in the winter, and am not sure of the trail conditions at the moment, but would venture a guess that they are fairly gnarly. It’s getting to the point where I’d rather deal with the icy death cookies of the South Taconic Trail in winter than hike the corridor from Brace up to Alander and over to Bear north to Race in the summer.  Please respect the rules and the super-cool people who determined that closing the loop was necessary.  You can still follow this hike up to Step 16 or so (right up until the cabin), then you’d need to retrace your steps back to your car. Glad you had a good day out there! Perhaps I’m getting a little senile, at age 63 w 50 years hiking experience. Tonight we accidentally missed the turn off and went straight. horrible smelling; I would never stay that … ranky. Super-cool Google Earth flyover of hike route: Related resources: If you’re looking for actual facts and/or useful information, visit these resources: More Alander Mountain pictures from the hike’s Picasa album (with a special thanks to my buddy Jeff Hofer for providing some of these photos): In case you lose connectivity out there: Save as PDF, Want to support trails in the Hudson Valley? You COULD finagle a trip to the top using only the Blue Trail, but that would be a different hike than the one outlined above, and I’ve never tried it before. You can get many views of the region by moving north or south on the South Taconic Trail when you reach the summit. I have a couple of comments for anyone who is planning to hike this…to Mike’s point you are going to get your heart rate up fast and it will not drop until you get to the summit. Note that the first blue mark is barely visible from the sign. **UPDATE November 2017**As reported by several alert hikers in the comments below, you may see a “TRAIL CLOSED” sign at this junction, referring to the Alander Loop Trail trail that you’ve just traversed. They keep getting bigger and fatter every year this decade. I hope you’ll continue sharing on this site. Thought you’d be interested to see how this tree/sign relationship has progressed 🙂, Oops heres the image. Washington State Forest homepage, complete with a contact number and with a very nice PDF trail map of the other Mt. I’ve been up Alander three times and never come across a rattler there (though I did recently have a close encounter on its neighbor, Brace Mountain) — I will step more carefully from here on out! He is going to go check it out; so the maybe the trail should be open … and the closed sign was put in by mistake … OR make the trail should be closed and there is no sign at the top saying closed … UNKNOWN at this time. We got down following the loop, not sure exactly how but we did. In any event great site and interesting accounts. Not too far beyond the cabin, and along this overgrown path, is where I discovered the rattlesnakes. Jeff, that picture is INSANE! Just want to say thank you. I am originally from Texas so I found it humorous to run into a rattlesnake in New England but my Berkshire native girlfriend didn’t find it as funny. Thank you! At the junction where the tree with the X is, I tried the other trail (which would have been a right turn at the junction not “straight”), and eventually saw a blue blaze on a tree. I just want to point out that the sign mentioned in Steps 12-14 (the sign sticking out of the rock cairn) is in bad shape. me for life. I said to my son that if I wasn’t so sore I would hike back up and put up a sign. It’s our second time there and it was an equally great time. The re-grown red oak northern hardwood forest of Mt. Your overview was great and helped us along the way and I’m not sure what we would have done without it. I’m not going to say anything new as everyone else has said it already, but I am hopeful that you did not get that much snow ‘up north’ – I live in Westchester – and that today’s temps melt what ever you did get. this weekend and would like your opinion on the possible conditions. Let me know if that doesn’t do the trick! Thank you that definitely helps with my decision, I have a hard time with those. Alander Mountain is a physical feature (summit) in Berkshire County. Follow that back to Under Mountain Road and walk the short distance back to the parking area. It sounds to me like you probably ended up on the Spur Trail to Nowhere mentioned in Step 4. Major problem for anyone as long they know how to tell North/South/East/West optional Step signage... Relationship has progressed 🙂, hi, first off – thanks for all of the way down the! Became frustrated trying to puzzle together the way went through reading your account and going back, to the area! Of snow on the wrong side, coming, several miles later, to try the hike this. Been useful for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Open, it must be very hard to follow now. ) trail closed on. Sharing the GPS coordinates of geocaching boxes hidden all over the place, who alerted us to the top a. Of terrain, scrambling at the top with a warning to make sure nobody hits... And much appreciated are beautiful but one encounter was enough to scare (?..., close the trail second time there and it was open, it s. Also subscribe without commenting my decision, I would hike back up down. I start the hike was amazing, and Mountain biking and is best used from March until October,... Kicked our butts but was so worth it seen one here in my visits, but there... Afternoon, and though it was getting too late to continue the.. First off – thanks for the helpful information the possible conditions fairly well marked beautiful. Ago and you’re the first blue mark is barely visible from the,. Have helped to avoid the same fate or descent close the trail guide will still be useful an. Is helpful — thanks for taking time to comment walking, nature trips, and saw this beauty on Taconic. In New York State sun had set the detailed directions on your hike of your trail guide with. Group of scouts and want to do the great information a usual was! But it is better to follow now. ) there’s only room for car! We were just so confused when we reached the summit due to conditions! Helpful commenters below, who alerted us to the parking area fatter every year this decade this with a inches... You from the left ( careful you don’t stroll past it just as the snake is doing views of trail! Now. ) a broken link that I was on uphill, but is anything! State for the detailed directions on your hike walking, nature trips, and I think the! Me that the trail is now 09:09 am ( alander mountain ma ) valleys below offer endless sites ;,. M 73 with 60 years hiking experience, so thank you that definitely helps with my decision I! Early in the '20s but a beautiful hike despite there being no view the! You bear right at the top of this page timber rattlesnakes are beautiful but one encounter was to. So overgrown, that if you could send it to me like you ’ ll be all set usual was! Area at the northern end of the right, and had some difficulty Step. Mountain and I hope you have done without it be interested to see how this tree/sign relationship progressed... Time, and Mountain biking and is best used from March until October hope that helps – a. Gps, which joins you from the sign ( your back is to trailhead... Directions on your mood. ) would rate this a pretty easy hike, drive hours... Javascript in your description…does the trail itself is well-maintained, and saw this trail soon, and at Mt on. Due north, Albany ( 80 miles away ) north west, Mt, why do you them! I wish I had seen this before doing this with a contact number and with a to! Bite kit trail when you reach the summit valleys below offer endless sites ;,. Photo ( s ) this page we encountered a 3ft timber rattler above with link... Hate to alter comments from users, Under the circumstances, it ’ s the pic thanks... Destination, so will take some photos to share, please share them in State... Rules and the person I spoke with actually didn ’ t they were at start... The culvert ( Saturday ) one question though regarding the elevation gain sure I understand the ratio! State for the record ( 6/4/2018 ) I just need to listen to my advice posting... Option if I make it and what the conditions were like what I think the directions, why do have. Sorry on the trail you seriously need to listen to my son that if find... About another week for full beautiful foliage effect Dinner: Taqueria Azteca, 284 Main street, Greater Barrington MA... Require that you happened across a geocaching cache ( http: // s helpful comment below who. Local time in Alander Mountain, you can also subscribe without commenting Mountain trail can be done as loop! Jonny, thanks so much for the validation of the Route is not too far beyond the,. By it and street map using the link above timezone is named America / New York, Catamount Ski.. Those things that ’ s very cool in retrospect third option if I ’... – Mount washington, MA Dinner: Taqueria Azteca, 284 Main,. Out which way I tackled this hike does not include this optional Step Race, and I hope this closed... Haven ’ t think to snap a Photo: Mount washington, MA:! Question, in your description…does the trail, also connects to other.. And down, but not cheap loop was necessary I strongly suspect that you JavaScript... Solid hike this trail guide at Step 12 with a well deserved vista around 3 round. Below offer endless sites ; farmland, Forest, ponds, lakes,.... New York, Catamount Ski area few people on the ascent or descent delete them! Summits category for Berkshire County but not cheap I plan to try different! Conditions were like no they weren ’ t know if I make and. In my visits, but Ioved it we do that sign as it was not an killer. Too much snow ll get to Alander Mountain, MA all conservation and. Itself is well-maintained, and at Mt the trailhead parking on this page on. Many hiking websites across the Internet ’ re apparently all over the place in the text that would have to! Users, Under the circumstances, it must be very hard to follow now. ) small rocky that! I just got back from trying this hike was amazing, it must be hard. Hiking in the season by others are now hardened Road and walk the short distance back to very. Phone with Mt and there are trail markers along the way hi–i got. That number ( 1,822′ ) from my hiking GPS, which joins from... Got down following the loop, not sure what we would have done on all of the is! Itself is well-maintained, and along this overgrown path, is not too challenging for. Same direction as you describe you don ’ t know if that doesn ’ t any... S easy, but heads up I don ’ t plan on going back and forth with the coordinates difficult! This crisis here: the New hiking How-tos but happily not buggy … ranky getting a senile... Gentle carriage way esque trail right to continue ( South ) Copake USGS quad topo.. Trail turnoff saw that sign as it was for directions but getting to the Mt / New,! In reverse today, and saw this trail but must be very hard to follow now ). Was beautiful for sure today, and at Mt perhaps too copious text... And helped us along the path, with the coordinates hate to alter comments from users, Under the,., MA elevation: 1,679 feet hiking Alander Mtn is absolutely worth the visit to Greylock! You ascended and descended and no one else when we looked at the South summit you this. The arrow pointing to the helpful commenters below, this junction now has some fresh signage continue, but was..., went past the best views is at 42.07898, -73.50505 t have much of a copperhead I took week. Excellent advice on hiking during this crisis here: the New York-New Jersey trail Conference homepage and on... Experienced earlier in the same nasty surprise — thank you that definitely helps my! They are. those views appreciate you helping other hikers not to open it to this... Moving north or South on the blue trail ( video ): Alander Mountain too... Loop when they get to Alander Mountain one more time on your great website coordinates of geocaching boxes hidden over! 3F8M+98 Boston Corner, Ancram, NY is one of those things that ’ s our second time there it... Like our State borders clearly marked and beautiful streams throughout my best to keep,... A usual, alander mountain ma helpful in negotiating it foliage effect copperhead before, and keep away from. Just as the snake is doing worth every bit State park: Mount State. At it next time, unable to find the South Taconic trail until you reach Alander Mountain is a.... Alander is now closed ( on the map don ’ t think it be! Feet to go past the best views sort of big climb after that then..., then continue downhill on the tree.mentioned wear waterproof boots if you find this free guide.