To find it faster check the picture below. Like in RDR2's main story mode, players in Red Dead Online have the ability to purchase a variety of different items, ranging from tonics to weapons, horses, clothing and so on. At this specific location, you should be able to spot an abandoned wagon. Messing with alligators or bears in particular culminates in one of the most disturbing animations we’ve see in games – one that’s worth triggering at least once for just how shocking it is. As a whole, they’re hit or miss, but some of them are very fun, particularly the bandit section. Now that you know how to find the bracelet, make sure you check our Vintage Civil War Handcuffs location guide, to find the second valuable; and our Legendary Alligator hunting guide, for the third item. The most 'helpful" thing you can do, is to press left on the D-pad (during the story mission), then X to access it, and hold SQUARE to Abandon the mission. Neat but yeah, woof. Slow ride, take it easy: Saint Denis is a haven of technology innovation at the turn of the century. All the scorched horses: Head over to that one place near Saint Denis where horses are literally becoming immolated. Bring me a dream: There are 20 dream catchers hidden throughout the game among the tree branches of dead trees. If you’re galloping across the plains and see a pillar of smoke, that means that something—a camp, an event, a group of idiots that need to be shot, a sidequest—is nearby for you to investigate. The same talisman, however, also requires the Vintage Civil War Handcuffs and the Legendary Alligator Tooth. Most of them offer baths where you can rub the stink off you. Talk with her to start a quest to find 30 bones littered throughout the map. There’s no going back. Hammer in the morning: The Appleseed Timber Company is a camp of lumberjacks and construction workers that are near Monto’s Rest. Deck Out My Ride: Stables aren’t just useful for housing your various horses. Gold Jointed Bracelet – Can be found from any random dead bodies present in Houses or looting other NPCs. Let us know in the comments below, or drop us a message on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and we’ll add them immediately. You can find a whole list here. Stick around and keep an eye on the body. Assuming you follow our Red Dead Redemption 2 Hidden Chests and Lock-Boxes Locations Guide, then head to location 51 marked on our map. (You’ll also need the Vintage Civil War … In fact, … Legendary Alligator Tooth – you need to skin the Legendary Aligator – you While this may not be the most convenient method, it’s worth trying especially if you desperately need the Gold Bracelet. You might be tempted to leave and have Arthur hit the hay so you can start the next part of the game. The majority of these entries are spoiler-free. Fancy yourself a collector: The weapons at the gunsmith aren’t the only ones you can find in Red Dead Redemption II. You can also stack these with the Trinkets. Don’t read unless you’ve beaten the game or don’t care about spoilers. An old flame: One of the side stories you can do is have Arthur reconnect with an old love, Mary. Tie him up and drag him with your horse while he kicks and curses you. Before checking this chest you should save your game and if the item doesn’t drop, you should try reloading several times. Red Dead Redemption 2 Perks give your character additional boosts to help you survive out in the wilderness.. Building up your bounty and getting into intense shootouts in the middle of Saint Denis or Valentine can lead to some great emergent stories, like the time one of our editors shot a lawman as he came up the stairs and he crumpled dramatic, stumbling down the stairwell Gone With The Wind style.
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