Thanks for taking the time. It is the book that started it all for many of us and it guided us on many early trips during our mountaineering journeys. Sitting on summit #5, I decided to give myself more than 5-10 minutes of rest this time. Meeker from Pagoda. My imagination conjured up visions of surfing 1,000 vertical feet down the south side of the ridge on a rock avalanche. – Pagoda Mountain – 13,497′ This was absolutely the right way. Fay Lakes and Spectacle Lakes via Ypsilon Lake. There is now an excellent path all the way to the summit. Your email address will not be published. It was also nice to have the bullseyes, allowing for much quicker passage as I was not needing to continually double-check my route. Strenuous. He tends to slip them in at the end of some chapter as “extra credit” designed only for “hardy souls” as he calls them. With this first obstacle passed easily enough, I began to worry about that pesky cliff band. Family Thanksgiving in the Desert, 2020 Style, Searchin’ for Serenity in the Grand Canyon: Escalante Route 2020. These short trees blocked easy passage at tree line. The final real routing challenge of the day was the bushwhack to Storm Pass. I saddled up once more and made yet another ascending traverse over to the top of Storm Peak. I’m surprised that you don’t hear more attacks on people on the East Longs Peak TH, given how busy it is. Peaks: Meeker, Longs, Pagoda, and Storm (Front Range) Date Climbed: Sunday July 29, 2007 Route: Loft to Meeker, Clarks Arrow to Longs, Longs to Pagoda, Trough to Keyhole to Storm and out. Whether or not Roach wrote this line facetiously or not I do not know. Enjoy!… Bring pictures of what to look for. Once I was able to drop a few hundred feet, the lodgepole pines began in earnest. The name Pagoda is a reference to Pagoda buildings – common in China, Japan and Korea – that were designed by layering tiers of wooden roofs on top of another. Zambi – this is my favorite report of yours of all time. As I see it, there is no one to blame for it but myself. Longs Peak is in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, and its peak elevation is over 14,000 feet above sea level. It is almost as if some passive aggressive Park Ranger got pissed at how bad the trail was and decided to make a statement by building the most cairned trail in the entire world. I am by no means experienced but I am super determined. In a bit of instant irony, I used the very next moment to stop and pee. The whole section was only 50 feet or so, becoming 100% clear again after that. The basic outline is simple enough. As I continued down, the trees maintained a pretty reasonable density, which allowed for a remarkably swift descent. I was thankful to be able to do this and won’t soon forget my radical day on Longs. I almost guarantee I looked at, so thanks for the beta an info. Beyond that, I easily found the class 3/4 descent gully to get to Clark’s Arrow. As for the Radical Slam itself, it’s sort of a combination of a lot of different skills all coming together in order to pull off a pretty huge day. All I could do was tackle each obstacle one at a time. Nice beta on it. Longs Peak was something I'd set my sights on last year but didn't get to. Once on the Narrows, it felt great to have a trundled, established route to follow to the Keyhole. And ya, I had to fight the voices within once or twice to not think about cats on the ascent in the dark. Climbing longs, spearhead, pagoda, sharkstooth. Think about it buddy. I actually had to stop for a second to make sure it was the right pitch before ascending as there have always been masses of people (or snow) on it every other time I have climbed it. Lady Washington to Battle Mtn: 49:00 (9:16) Looking up from Mills Lake. > Estes Cone (in that order). In fact, I think I was able to avoid a lot of the headaches that seemed to plague others on this route. A cirque is an amphitheater-shaped (half-bowl-shaped) valley eroded by a … Climbers: Solo. The route down descends just to looker’s right of this picture. I had to skip the Cone and bail down valley towards the Eugenia Mine and I don’t recommend that to anyone. On this day, I was considering going for a Longs Peak Radical Slam, which is a challenge outlined in Roach’s 14ers book: tag Meeker, Longs, Pagoda, Storm Peak., Mt. All of this made for a nasty maze, complete with plenty of back-tracking and confusion. And finally, I saw it: across the way I spotted the cairn I had so desperately been looking for. I just wanted to enjoy the challenge as stress free as possible; it would be hard enough without trying to blitz it. The traverse to here went by easily enough, although it certainly took a bit of time make it. 😉. – Mt. This was the first time in a long time I had hit a real trail, but I would be immediately leaving it on the way to Battle Mountain’s summit. Dilly…..I love the fact that I can count you (I think) in my very own personal TR fan club. What I soon realized was that I was dropping much lower and much further away from the Longs-Pagoda saddle than I wanted. Instead, I decided to head back up and see if I could find the correct passage. The route had been 100% clear to this point, so I was optimistic, but uncertain. "Climbing Longs and its four buttress peaks in one day is a five-peak project that will stir sturdy souls" - Gerry Roach "The route includes summiting Mt. One hell of a tour Zambo, probably the finest in the state. Looking back to the start of the Trough after reaching its base. Never be afraid to turn around. In a lot of the other TR’s I had read, this section seemed to drive a lot of people nuts. Let me know if you have any questions, and drop me a line if you end up doing part of this route! I would hike it as fast as I felt comfortable, but focus more on completion over any sort of super fast time. But like I said, I was in it for completion on this day, not time. Thanks for sharing. That section from Longs to Pagoda was a puzzle for me as well. 2. It did indeed cliff out, and in dramatic fashion. Pagoda is seldom climbed, and there was no cairn on top, so we built a small one. Just let me know. Anyway, if you’re still determined to try this one for whatever reasons, I’d certainly be willing to help lend any advice or perspective I can. This was much more pleasant as the spacing and density was far more favorable for a bushwhack. Meeker to Longs: 1:10 (4:11) Nice usage of arrows too! Check the report again now. While most of them were solid, it still took longer than expected to make this traverse. Meeker – 13,911′ Just seems like a sweet way to highlight this one on the front page of the website :). Other destinations along the way: Alberta Falls (9400 ft): .8 miles one way, 220 foot gain. I had read that the trail started good, then quickly deteriorated, disappearing altogether near the top. 3D version of the climb, courtesy of Google Earth. (click for larger image). As I mentioned, this was one of those challenges I had my eye on for some time. Or maybe the info was there seven years ago and I was just an idiot back then and didn’t do any research. Usually I am very, very good about this, but I guess I got lazy on this day. View from camp: Pagoda Mountain, Longs Peak, Mount Meeker. It only makes this MORE confusing.”. I have always wanted to traverse this ridge from Longs to Pagoda, but after fighting my way up Pagoda’s scree north slope, and looking at the rubble on this ridge, I couldn’t see myself doing it. First of all, I was not entirely sure of the descent beyond the Homestretch.
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