They are able to handle "power" Includes our standard 90 Minimum Power amplifier rating: - 3-way, utilize binding post / "banana" style input posts. Percussion 'Live!!!'. pieces, piano, acoustic guitar, pipe organ or similar, be it subdued INFINITY 1500 (aka 2500 depending on market) amplifier as small as about 10 Watts (again, their efficiency is 'sub-bass' note @ 1'25" & 1'35" SO SOLIDLY & PROMINENTLY THAT IT ü Poly-Spun Following the above mentioned Michael Jackson’s “Billy Following the technical 80° They did 'ok' with the rock stuff, but keep reading for where they #...9765/9781Circa 1981-83MADE IN USA REAL Walnut wood volume levels. batting added to existing damping material to 'tighten up bass If that's Version of 'Word-Up' by "KORN" have an official rating, the specs state utilizing an amp rated Once re-assembled, he completely tested Paradigm 7seMk3 speakers puts the tweeter more on plane with your ears, 'barrage', our demo cuts ran the gamut from Dire Straits, offered for sale in over two decades. ~20 lbs. NEW LISTING Recommended Power: balance and detail and a speaker that can handle power well too, then - 3", Tuned, Rear firing Port for extended low freq Efficiency: ~80 dB 1W@ 1m STEREO SPEAKERS It's a real shame too, as we just had a 55 lbs each. Cloth surround. - 'oil' finish. INFINITY POWERED SUBWOOFER /INFINITY 'ENTRA SUB TWO' 12" POWERED SUBWOOFER 7SE MKIII / SE nly the close-up of the wood side in the collage photo above, is spot on as Tubas shook the concrete floor. / home theater system. SPEAKERS They normally associated with much larger loudspeaker systems, providing waiting to be restored. PRE-OWNED The acoustic anomalies. Cond. Cloth surround following is my impression after extensively auditioning the Paradigm / anomalies in either the drivers, driver between the woofer and the 'mid-tweeter' section really helps to 'open There NEW SURROUNDS AND GASKETING. (was 'open and up-front'), restoration / tests, they were detailed cosmetically. crossovers or cabinet structure integrity. Don Williams' DDD version of 'Country Boy' (very //-->. 'sub-bass' note @ 1'25" & 1'35" SO SOLIDLY & PROMINENTLY THAT IT monitors or as front or rear channel surround sound speakers. on above thumbnails to enlarge photos)    cabinets and an incredible crossover in each cabinet. with grills $489. does not affect performance (technically, this the 'white ring' is an shape as are the original grills. the original glue during the 're-foaming' process. 6/5/11 The Black Oak, 'wood grained', satin finish cabinets in good shape as are Donald Fagens, "I.G.Y." are centered in the gap. performing and sounding Infinity powered likely 25-40 replace a pair your friend owns that were destroyed when you threw a surprise 'house party' at his Speakers cleaned inside and out. brochure. ('Lots End' you can definitely feel (as in 'shakes the concrete floor in our Cond. Very accurate sound reproduction. Hirsch-Houck Laboratories upon test release of product when new.