He’s not the only one to feel that way. How then can brands collaborate successfully with artists? Your email address will not be published. Aaron Probyn. Digital design studios unite front-end pixel shifters with back-end code writers. This Factory-style hub of artistic expression can take commercial collaboration to a new level, using the breadth and depth of talent in the collective to match the right artists with each creative challenge. Are you an Influencer on Instagram? Or do you have your sights set on becoming an Influencer? Even if you can’t collaborate with the biggest brands off the bat, a collaboration with any merchandiser is a great start. Becoming an art patron is a kind of investment, and every investor hopes to see good returns. Natacha Duarte designs prints for fashion brand Celia B. Just like writing the perfect pitch email for press, there’s a protocol and etiquette that comes with approaching potential sponsors. Prada’s standout collaboration was with French artist Christophe Chemin for the celebrated autumn/winter 2016 menswear collection. Natacha Duarte designs prints for fashion brand Celia B. Art and brands: Two worlds forever divided by different values and priorities, or natural collaborators with huge potential for mutual enrichment? That is, high-profile collaborations between famous artists and big businesses – they’re the campaigns that seem to gain traction and get tongues wagging. Why do artists collaborate with fashion designers? Here's how to make it work. The best tactic is to reach out to brands (when possible) to secure collaborations, and forgo the middleman! Famously, Diageo linked Diddy with Cîroc vodka to achieve impressive commercial results. Cool by association: Louis Vuitton x Supreme. You can make your support of the arts go further by integrating it into your own marketing campaigns. It resulted in a men’s collection that was a brilliantly subversive take on the gentleman traveler, mixing the brand’s traditional classic luxury with the punk shock of Jake and Dinos Chapman and the wildness of Africa. Art Collaborations: The Other Side of the Coin. Those are the net worth estimates of Vera Wang, Beyoncé, and George Lucas. The only way to communicate the brilliant idea is through email. And how can one brand create an environment in which art can thrive? As an example of working with arts organisations, local companies have been able to take part in the Blackburn Festival Of Making by contributing funding and materials to create artist commissions. “Try reaching out to your own fanbase,” says Paul. $7.3 BILLION. Include your qualitative stats. FOOTBALL.”. Artistic credibility is hard-won, so it’s tenaciously defended, and a mere suggestion of inauthenticity from brand or artist has the potential to cause lasting damage. With artists who blog there is also the option to commission sponsored posts or directly support an individual post or page. Check out our west elm collaborations with individual and brand artisans and enjoy our exclusive offerings. Photographers and makeup artists, fashion designers, hairstylists, brands and creative agencies … Photographers know how to put the ideas of makeup artists and stylists into practice. Your company will benefit from the association with culture and creativity, and of course, being an individual artist’s patron carries a lot of credibility. Figure out who you're talking to. Drawing its theme from legendary kids TV show Sesame Street, Uniqlo’s collaboration with pop-culture street artist KAWS stars all our furry faves. As a patron you will certainly be mentioned on an artist’s site, and depending on your level of support, receive a link back to your website. Talk about how your support is benefiting your community, or how your acquisition reflects your company values, or makes your employees’ work experience better. Artist collaboration with brands is marketing gold. It’s an incredibly powerful tool, and the biggest names get access to the biggest names. Consumers are smart, and as a brand there’s only so much talking you can do about yourself before the message grows old. Include a direct link to your Instagram and blog, not to a press page—don’t make them have to do any extra steps! Most of us will have heard of artist’s patrons – we think of those rich aristocrats who made it possible for artists to earn a living from their artwork, weaving their way into art history in the process. Then this post is for you. The concept of Brand Collaboration can be defined as the strategic alliance between two or more brands for curating a unique and specific product or service with an intention to carve a niche and attain a competitive advantage at the marketplace. Or do you have your sights set on becoming an Influencer? Image agencies draw together photographers, art directors and lighting engineers. Brands that are able to collaborate with artists tap into a wealth of creativity. That’s one way to naturally improve your SEO without looking spammy. Artist collaboration with brands is marketing gold. Tip 2: Join An Influencer Marketing Platform. Perform together at fundraisers, perform at events related to social causes that you relate with. If your business produces physical products, you may be able to donate some of those goods to an artist who uses those materials in her work – providing a brilliant ongoing advertising opportunity. Are you an Influencer on Instagram? Art carries that feel-good factor that can’t be faked; we all aspire to a bit of creativity and seeing it supported in someone else makes us feel as though it may be supported in us. Learn how your comment data is processed. Then this post is for you. Regardless of personal wealth, everyone has to weigh up the cost-benefit analysis to see if a venture or a partnership is worth getting into. When your business collaborates with another brand, it's one effective way of marketing. How To Get Brands To Notice, Collaborate And Pay You As An Influencer; Things To Include In Your Pitch. The pair sat down with Artrepreneur to discuss the benefits, both for artist and designer, of collaboration as independent designers, and the importance of dressing the part. Find the right brands to work with. Your email address will not be published. … This is also a fantastic way to network with other like-minded businesses and individuals, and direct traffic back to your brand. These deeper collaborations are rich in opportunity for brand and artist alike, but they’re not without risk. Collaboration is at the very heart of the creative industries. Try to follow these steps while collaborating with a brand… How to collaborate with brands on Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms. Unfortunately, it’s not a specific person’s email. Your Instagram collaboration questions answered. Throughout history, a number of renowned artists have embraced the talent, ideas, and creative energies of their significant others, and have regularly collaborated to make extraordinary art together. But beyond the support that brands provide, the rise of artist-designer collaborations is also perhaps indicative of a much broader shift in the worlds of art and fashion, where the boundaries between the two worlds are becoming increasingly porous. To give you a starting point, you need to find a brand’s email to send a pitch. Your Instagram collaboration questions answered. How to collaborate with brands on Instagram. Artist collaboration with brands is marketing gold. For brands, the advantages go beyond simply audience expansion. In recent years, Louis Vuitton has been leading the charge in artist collaborations.
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