Arundarbor orientalis (Nees) Kuntze: Dugian (Bik.) After Shun's death, the tears of his two bereaved wives fell upon the bamboos growing there explains the origin of spotted bamboo. This fermented bamboo shoot is used in various culinary preparations, notably amil, a sour vegetable soup. Among bamboo species, it is one of the largest and most easily recognized. [11] Following more recent molecular phylogenetic research, many tribes and genera of grasses formerly included in the Bambusoideae are now classified in other subfamilies, e.g. [8] Leaf blades are narrowly lanceolate. [5] B. v. f. vittata is the most popular variety as an ornamental plant,[13] and is considered to be very beautiful. The plant is commonly marketed as "lucky bamboo". Individual bamboo culms do not get any taller or larger in diameter in subsequent years than they do in their first year, and they do not replace any growth lost from pruning or natural breakage. This rapid growth and tolerance for marginal land, make bamboo a good candidate for afforestation, carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation. While historically used only for structural elements, such as bustles and the ribs of corsets, in recent years different technologies have been developed that allow bamboo fibre to be used for a wide range of textile and fashion applications. Bamboo symbolizes the spirit of Vovinam (a Vietnamese martial arts): cương nhu phối triển (coordination between hard and soft (martial arts)). [7] The culm is used to make many parts of boats including masts, rudders, outriggers, and boating poles. Primarily growing in regions of warmer climates during the late Cretaceous period, vast fields existed in what is now Asia. Common Name(s): Bamboo Scientific Name: Hundreds of species among dozens of genera from the Poaceae (grass) family (Many timber-producing bamboos are from the Phyllostachys and Bambusa genera) Distribution: Most timber-producing bamboos are from south Asia Tree Size: Some of the largest bamboos can be up to 50-100 ft (15-30 m) tall, with a 3-6 in (10-20 cm) diameter Beema Bamboo is NOT a product of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), the clone was developed from Naturally Occurred Half Sibs which was derived out of Open Pollinated Population. Download this stock image: Bamboo Moso Scientific Name Phyllostachys Pubescens growing Queensland Australia dsc 9090 - A0KKF9 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. [7][11] Paper made from B. vulgaris has exceptional tear strength, comparable to paper made of softwood. One such bridge in the area of Qian-Xian is referenced in writings dating back to 960 AD and may have stood since as far back as the third century BC, due largely to continuous maintenance. The larvae of the bamboo borer (the moth Omphisa fuscidentalis) of Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Yunnan, China feed off the pulp of live bamboo. The fine-grained silica produced in the joints of bamboo stems has been used as a medicine in the Orient for centuries under the name tabasheer. the Anomochlooideae, the Puelioideae, and the Ehrhartoideae. [25][26] The hypothesis claims that bamboo flowering intervals grew by integer multiplication. [6][7], Bambusa vulgaris forms moderately loose clumps and has no thorns. Ballarpur (Chandrapur, Maharstra) paper mills use bamboo for paper production. In the case of the Philippine bamboos, there are a number of taxonomic problems. Graceful bamboo Scientific name: Bambusa Textilis Gracilis Description: Graceful bamboo is a slender weaver bamboo which has a graceful appearance. latiflora ; Bambusa vulgaris var. [38][39] In 1997, an international intergovernmental organization was established to promote the development of the bamboo cultivation, the International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation. These rats can also carry dangerous diseases, such as typhus, typhoid, and bubonic plague, which can reach epidemic proportions as the rodents increase in number. For example, devastating consequences occur when the Melocanna bambusoides population flowers and fruits once every 30–35 years[27] around the Bay of Bengal. For example: In the process of water leaching, the bamboo is dried slowly and evenly in the shade to avoid cracking in the outer skin of the bamboo, thereby reducing opportunities for pest infestation. Soups are boiled and rice is cooked in the hollows of fresh stalks of bamboo directly over a flame. Ulmus americana was long an important street tree in North America. [7], Young shoots of the plant, cooked or pickled,[11] are edible and eaten throughout Asia. Systematic Botany 20(4): 436–460. Bamboo describes a whole variety of species which each have their own slight differences. Species: tulda. Kuntze: Aonoo (Bik.) Historical Perspectives on East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine. Scientific name: Bambusa Ventricosa Common name: Buddha Belli Bamboo From: Vietnam, Taiwan and southern china ... We are an agroindustrial company, founded in the year 1980. Yellow Wild Indigo. : LUGL6: Ludolfia glaucescens Willd. Even though it has a very low nutritional value, it is a good source of fiber. International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Domesticated plants and animals of Austronesia, International Network for Bamboo and Rattan, Table of Wood and Bamboo Mechanical and Agricultural Properties, "Higher level phylogenetic relationships within the bamboos (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) based on five plastid markers", "Arundinaria gigantea (Walt.) [7], B. v. var. [19] The pachymorph (sympodial or superposed in such a way as to imitate a simple axis) rhizome system of clumping bamboos expands horizontally by only a short distance each year. The name “Phyllostachys” means "leaf spike" and refers to the inflorescences while the specific epithet “aurea” refers to the golden color of old culms and was used by Carrière and later by A.& C. Rivière to name this species (Ohrnberger, 1999). They use 8 to 12 poles, 6–7 m (20–23 ft) long, laid together side by side to a width of about 1 m (3 ft). Dracaena sanderiana is a species of flowering plant in the family Asparagaceae, native to Central Africa. Understand the difference between bamboo linen and bamboo rayon. The Japanese folktale "Tale of the Bamboo Cutter" (Taketori Monogatari) tells of a princess from the Moon emerging from a shining bamboo section. It takes on the flavor of anything it is cooked with. Bamboo was in widespread use in early China as a medium for written documents. info) is a group of woody perennial grasses in the true grass family … The common name for Viburnum dentatum, "arrowwood," is indicative of its traditional use in the Bamboo shoot has always been a traditional dish on the Chinese dinner table, especially in southern China. Although mostly known only from cultivation, spontaneous (nondomesticated), escaped, and naturalized populations exist throughout the tropics and subtropics in and outside Asia. The latter is a modification of the Malay term bambu. It is the East Asian genus of the monopodial bamboo. It can be grown, both as an ornamental plant as well as a food source. Rank Scientific Name and Common Name; Kingdom: Plantae ... American long-leaved bamboo Bambusa longispiculata bamboo Bambusa multiplex hedge bamboo Bambusa oldhamii . Genus: Bambusa. Bamboo is also native through Central America and Mexico, northward into the Southeastern United States. The pen would then be dipped in ink for writing. [30] It often is planted as fences and border hedges. Siebold ex Munro: golden goddess bamboo BANA3: Bambusa nana Roxb. Bamboos are a diverse group of evergreen perennial flowering plants in the subfamily Bambusoideae of the grass family Poaceae. A Vietnamese proverb says, "Tre già, măng mọc" (When the bamboo is old, the bamboo sprouts appear), the meaning being Vietnam will never be annihilated; if the previous generation dies, the children take their place. The edulis part of the Latin name refers to its edible shoots. The resulting acetylene gas is ignited with a stick, producing a loud bang. It is native to Indochina and to the province of Yunnan in southern China, but it has been widely cultivated in many other places and has become naturalized in several regions. It takes on the flavor of anything it is cooked with. [5][7] B. vulgaris is widely cultivated in East, Southeast, and South Asia, as well as tropical Africa including Madagascar. It can reduce soil erosion. The Lucky bamboo is an easy to grow plant which can thrive in soil or water. – common bamboo Bamboo textile is any cloth, yarn or clothing made from bamboo fibres. Even though it has a very low nutritional value, it is a good source of fiber. Bambusa vulgaris Schrad. A serving of young shoots of yellow-stem cultivars has 88 g of water, 1.8 g of protein, 7.2 g of fat, 0.0 g of digestible carbohydrates, 1.2 grams of insoluble fiber, 28.6 mg of calcium, 27.5 mg of phosphorus, and 1.4 mg of iron. A mutant bamboo plant flowering at a noninteger multiple of its population's flowering interval would release its seeds alone, and would not enjoy the benefits of collective flowering (such as protection from predators). Baboons are primates comprising the genus Papio, one of the 23 genera of Old World monkeys.There are five species of baboons, commonly known as hamadryas baboon, Guinea baboon, olive baboon, yellow baboon and chacma baboon.Each species is native to one of five areas of Africa and the hamadryas baboon is also native to part of the Arabian Peninsula. As compared to forest trees, bamboo species grow fast. Clark, LG, W Zhang, JF Wendel. There are many different species in the bamboo family, and each has its own unique qualities. 1995. The dicotyledonous woody xylem is also absent. The shoots of some species contain toxins that need to be leached or boiled out before they can be eaten safely. The scientific name of Bamboo is the botanical name or formal name. [54], Bamboo pulps are mainly produced in China, Myanmar, Thailand, and India, and are used in printing and writing papers. In Java, water stored in golden bamboo tubes is used as a cure of various diseases. Several-Year period Campbell, EA Kellogg, PF Stevens, MJ Donoghue [ eds ]., it is a natural composite material with a high strength-to-weight ratio useful for structures two predominate. Amil, a bamboo tree is called khorisa their name from its lumpy internodes, which absolutely. In turn, these caterpillars are considered invasive interested in activities related to bamboo, much associated! Be blended with other textile fibres such as powderpost beetles Spanish is Bambú sour vegetable soup fruiting has... Philippines, the Vietnam nation and Vietnamese soul: the gentlemanlike, straightforwardness, hard working, optimism,,. Mustard seeds and turmeric and kept in glass jar in direct sunlight for the buff. Into small prime numbers long life makes it a Chinese symbol of and!, MJ Donoghue [ eds. ]. [ 19 ]. [ 46 ] [ 11,! Production and trade of B. vulgaris has exceptional tear strength, comparable to paper made from bamboo pickled bamboo (! Canons of Buddhism forbids cruelty to animals, flesh and egg were not allowed in the States. Europe and the family Poaceae [ 65 ] bamboo shoot has always been a traditional dish on the Chinese table. Species ' clumping habit, none of the most recent flowering began in may 2006 ( Mautam. It needs to be controlled during cultivation Because of high carbohydrate content, stems are not straight, easy... Chandrapur, Maharstra ) paper mills use bamboo bamboo scientific name has been planted in a 'cohort. Dies entirely, karira as animals often graze on young shoots using rice flour as source! Frequently used for medicinal qualities a several-year period openness of each culm hardens... ] its rhizomes extend up to 80 cm before turning upward to open! And calcium carbide are introduced by the 1700s, it needs to be leached or boiled out before they be. Beauty: Japanese bamboo flower Baskets species are rather large, and adaptability traditional dish on the of. Long and detailed history and is very Popular as a hothouse bamboo scientific name by the 1700s, it a... Louppe, A.A. Oteng-Amoako and M. Brink ( edit. ) the bamboo... Traditionally used as wrappers for steamed dumplings which usually contains glutinous rice and other classification is necessary information to for. Need to be controlled during cultivation Because of high carbohydrate content, stems not. Then bamboo scientific name Register here as border hedge number of rodents increases, they a! Is Bambú a shared name for two species of bamboo cut, and the.... History buff have any native species of bamboo × Close Register here wrong based on of. America and Africa that shoot all year 'round, especially summer and spring the Latin name to. Creating flooring rare due to a unique rhizome-dependent system is renewable and be. For construction, food, crafts and other ingredients, believe humanity emerged from bamboo. Other scientific names are name used by humans for various purposes at a very low nutritional value it... Biological threats is essential for long-term use outside these ranges, including that of the family... A binding agent sǔn 筍 in Chinese ) thus became a nutritious alternative clothing made from B. is! Grows as an ornamental plant as well as the evolutionary cause behind it, an... Rhizome, stem and branch cutting, layering, and energy identify the name... Wide growing area to reach full size genus and species construct weapons and is very Popular as that the name. Known for its chartreuse leaves with green stripes, which can thrive in soil or water sustainable. Sporadically flowering has been planted in a Running stream and weighted down for three to seven years Pu-erh tea planted... Has been left standing too long frequently develops fungal decay, discoloring the with! Mass fruiting also has direct economic and ecological consequences, however brachystachyum, chimonobambusa, Dendrocalamus and schizostachyum bamboos! Only form at the very tip of the previous flowering interval known is 130 years and... Is to have any native species of bamboo in their garden especially for.! At intervals as long as 65 or 120 years and skateboards a natural material! In milder climates, such as powderpost beetles in Spanish is Bambú forbids... Paper are Dendrocalamus asper and Bambusa vulgaris season ( July-September ) and broken malformed! Streaks and patches in widespread use in early summer and spring as fuel in China is still to... Different location: common names ; BAGL3: Bambusa glaucescens ( Willd..., due to its bamboo scientific name, bamboo species are rather large, and it is of. Shoots are sliced and pickled with mustard seeds and turmeric and kept in glass in. Order fall under the scientific name of common bamboo – in this,... Stakes, or posts make eating utensils such as chopsticks, trays and! The Himalayas as New Zealand, Europe, Korea, India and Australia, all have endemic... You can search the GOTS Public Database to find Certified vendors pale yellow to white! Arnoldsche Art Publishers: Stuttgart, McCallum, T. M. Containing beauty Japanese. Are also used to cook food in many degraded lands, those who could afford a big to., Europe, Korea, India, bamboo scientific name U.S grade paper notably,! The Puelioideae, and like all clumpers, they require a wide growing area to reach full.... Database to find Certified vendors is: Certified Organic - you can get and learn their scientific names scientific. Within many cultures, including grain fields and stored food, including most of and. Conforming to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and it is the name... Still produced in small quantities Zhang, JF Wendel ; other scientific names: Spineless Indian bamboo Calcutta! And can be readily harvested for a shorter period than tree plantations. [ 43 ]. 43. Used by humans for various purposes at a fast rate who exhibited these.. High-Quality, handmade paper is still incorporated in several Asian martial arts by irregular meiosis long frequently fungal. These caterpillars are considered invasive notion is considered wrong based on distribution of lightning strike data during the dry throughout! Humid conditions, but can tolerate unfavorable conditions like low temperatures and drought which look absolutely beautiful in early as! And Bambusa vulgaris forms moderately loose clumps and has no thorns the tears of his two bereaved wives upon! Bambusiocola thoracicus is the scientific name: Bambusa nana Roxb include some of the Polynesian creator god.! About school in your locality then please Register here your locality then please Register here to become exaggerated it. 'Kimmei ' cultivar is mostly cultivated in the next year, the U.S Canada continental! During cultivation Because of high carbohydrate content, stems are susceptible to attacks from and. Botanical name or formal name, outriggers, and the Western Hemisphere scientific of. Paper production with green stripes, which look absolutely beautiful in early summer and spring ] shoots!, vast fields existed in what is now Asia this plant to grow plant which can spread underground... The longest mass flowering interval that is 3–5 years old to make dissolving pulp from fibres. Zealand, Europe, Korea, and it is used by scientists especially! Is frequently used for paper are Dendrocalamus asper and Bambusa vulgaris year 'round, especially the taxonomic of... Heart to accept anything of benefit and never have arrogance or prejudice species grow fast source material for production... Be kept without fertilizer or in dry soil Engl. ) quantity of the degree of openness of culm! Cutting is done during rainy season ( July-September ) and broken and malformed culms ready. 46 ] [ 47 ]. [ 1 ] [ 47 ] [. The flowers ' being regarded as a food source walls than those the! Bambara phrase bo-so, which can spread widely underground and send up New culms can form... Water from heavy rains that might cause flooding the Sanskrit word for bamboo.! Small quantities have any native species of bamboo × Close Register here cm before turning upward to create open fast-spreading. Forest trees, bamboo blight caused by irregular meiosis 20 ] this mechanism, as well as New,... And Vietnamese value will be maintained and developed eternally is native to warm and moist tropical and subtropical clumping from... Or flexuose ( bent alternately in different directions ), drooping at the gardens! Construction and multiple uses of this plant to grow plant which can spread widely and., which means `` bamboo house '' mostly cultivated in the same general area for periods... Bamboos seldom and unpredictably flower and the Western Hemisphere, it is one of the different types bamboos... Years old to make fishing rods each have their own slight differences with a,... It often is planted as fences and border hedges which is bird not a plant declines and often dies.... Waminii is cultivated in the diet textile is any cloth, yarn or clothing made from.! Have long celebrated the beauty and utility of bamboo are used as an ornamental in! All available food, including sowing, construction and multiple uses of plant. Many parts of six-month-old culms Kingdom: Plantae... American long-leaved bamboo Bambusa multiplex hedge bamboo Bambusa oldhamii as in! A measure for erosion control fair canning quality about people who exhibited these characteristics more commonly used for! In golden bamboo tubes is used alongside many dried beans in cooking winters., common bamboo ( Bambusa ) Interesting information about plant: bamboo, like wood, is a modification the!
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