• Understand that adaptability skills can be developed by anyone and be applied in many situations - not just at moments of major change Resources The resources needed for this lesson are: • Student Sheet 2.1: Company and product names • Student Sheet 2.2: The three ingredients of adaptive thinking • Adaptability PDF Presentation Slides Adaptability as a skill refers to the ability of a person to change his actions, course or approach to doing things in order to suit a new situation. • A fun way to exercise mental flexibility is to name the color that the words below are written in as quickly as you can (Michelon, 2011). Consider adaptability a must-have soft skill if you’re aspiring for a leadership role at your organisation. 2020 has brought about more dramatic change than any recent year prior. Adaptability skills are what kept employees afloat during this inconsistent and confusing time. When there is shortage of a commodity in the market, we switch our demand to substitute goods. It is very easy to reduce the essence of similarity. IDA Adaptability Model . The organization is the mix blend of employees with different skills available in the form of human capital that utilized in the organization’s products and services in business activities. Behavioural Indicators: … Adaptation serves as a Below are a few activities to help you gain a greater understanding of your own adaptability. Adaptability helps teachers to navigate change, novelty, and uncertainty at work. skills, thus leading many employers to seek out employees who exhibit the ability and ... Flexibility-and-Adaptability-Rubric.pdf. The importance of adaptability and its definition in the workplace have great coverage in one’s professional life. Adaptability and Flexibility PowerPoint 2. We sought to extend understanding of adaptability by considering … Adaptability in the workplace means evolving positively with […] As a meta-skill, adaptability, or adaptive performance, requires the integration of both cognitive and relational skills. We constantly change our lifestyles because our world is changing always. The IDA Adaptability Model is depicted below. ADAPTABILITY Changes behavioural style or method of approach when necessary to achieve a goal; adjusts style as appropriate to the needs of the situation. 1 skills that can be used in varying combinations across a wide range of situations. Challenges that prevent adaptability Importance of adaptability in the workplace. change – new insight, new skills, and new knowledge. However, this is one of the many skills or factors that many multinational companies keep running. towards employee adaptability to change and getting the competitive advantage. Being able to adapt to changing situations is a great asset, but one that requires being self-reflective along with a willingness to challenge your preconceived thoughts, feelings, and actions. Responds to change with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn ... Has desire and drive to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to perform job more effectively. That is an example of adaptability. The Importance of Educational Adaptability Henry M. Levin Teachers College, Columbia University Executive Summary What is the role of education for preparing the labor force of the middle of the 21st century? The most conventional response is that we need to specify the 21st century skills … utilizing flexibility and adaptability skills or they can “dive” due to rigid attitudes that quickly result in stress-related conditions including burnout, illness, and loss of work.xv Materials Provided: 1. Career Adaptability: An Integrative Construct for Life-Span, Life-Space Theory Mark L. Savickas The four segments in the life-span, life-space approach to comprehending and intervening in careers (individual differences, development, self, and context), constitute four perspectives on adaptation to life roles. Activity #2: Impromptu Speaking 4. The products and services are the Here’s how to advance your adaptability skills: Learn from others As is the case with learning a whole range of critical soft skills, learning to better navigate change and become adaptable is … Impromptu Speech example 5. Activity #1: Finger-Focus 3. The ability to adapt in the face of change, both in your work and general life, is essential to success and growth.
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