I really can't say enough about how well it works and how realistic of a tan it creates on my skin. b.tan. Free Standard Shipping on any $35 purchase   |   Love Your Skin. I highly recommend this self tanner. Step 1: 12-24 hours before you plan to self tan … Then the ultra dark wasn't even dark, color barely developed if it did at all, had to use it with another mousse self tanner I had to see results, I've been using loving tan mouse for about 5 years now and it's just so expensive. I have never used a self tanner and this was so easy to use. The spray is also great so you don't get it in your hand or need a applicator. St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse gives you a professional, flawless tan. As long as you exfoliate, moisturize, and use a mitt this will not streak. I recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable self tanning job done at home! St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist offers a deep bronze, natural looking tan with a professional finish. See 172 member reviews and photos. I applied this is two layers and it looked even and pretty dark. $5.99. Because of that you literally get the color you get and you can't deepen it later on. The experts from St. Moriz show you how to apply the Medium Instant Self Tanning Mousse to achieve a for a professional, flawless looking tan. Free Standard Shipping on any $35 purchase   |   Love Your Skin. I've used this product about 6 times and have never gotten patchy as long as I properly exfoliate before use and it last about a week (3 days of a strong tan and then a gradual fade). Because the applicator is sporadic, I get it on my hands and bathroom counter and it stains immediately! ST. MORIZ Professional Tanning Mousse, allows you to tan … I tried every single one Ulta sells. It is by far the most natural looking tan and no streaks. I purchased the "Dark" which I build over two days to achieve my desired color. Definitely worth a try. It's fine if you don't want to spend that much money on self tanner, I bought it from a sale. The St. Moriz Gradual Tanning Lotion gradually builds a natural, glowing tan whilst moisturising the skin. It glides on so easily and has a great color guard so you can see where you are applying it. If you can deal with the sent and possible stains on your sheets then I'd say this is a good product. Moisturize dry areas of the skin (i.e. I do have a tan skin tone on the lighter side, but I would honestly not recommend this for someone who is pale. I look like I rolled in Doritos. The applicator is messy too and sprays out everywhere! Used a mitt to apply and application was still somewhat splotchy (and I am not new to self tanning- been doing this for years.) It comes out orange and after a few hours it only gets worse. However, … Off . It's just okay. Free shipping on orders of +25€ 960 627 343 L-V de 9-15:00h Work fast!!! It would stain my skin and left spots on my skin and patches. ST. MORIZ Professional Tanning Mousse, is a colourless mousse containing a unique blend of tanning agents which develop throughout the day, into a natural looking golden tan. I've religiously used St Tropez up until I tried this out. I'm always scared to turn orange. I tested in my shower so I could wash off excess spray. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from … I like jergens better. This product does have some color payoff however it does not last very long. It doesn't look bad, just very natural and not that much of a difference for all the hassle. I definitely don't recommend wearing really light colors for the first day.

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