Each potato chip slicer is crafted in different features that allow you to cut your foods into different sizes and shapes according to your preference. View On Amazon. Best Match. For example, robust stainless steel and ultra-sharp blade let you slice potato perfectly and evenly without extra effort. From my experience, I will mirror the top 13 best potato chip slicers according to the performances or design. HomeNative Adjustable Slicer makes the pleasing sliced potato chips as per your preference. Thanks to the advent of potato chip slicer, all your trouble is no longer a problem. The handle has nonslip material for a firm grip when working. We looked at 36 potato slicers to find the best models currently available on the market and decided that the best choice for the vast majority of users is the Mueller Austria MU-MANDO. Mandoline Slicer – Julienne Vegetable Slicer. This is a beautiful potato chip cutter that can also cut other variety of foods in the kitchen such as the cucumber, carrots and many more. We looked at reviews from Wirecutter, Cook's Illustrated, and more to see which mandolines these trusted sources like best. Bluelover. The chip slicer is powered by electricity which makes it easy to work with and slice the ingredients within a short period. Having the best potato chip slicer is the best idea for anyone who wants to make perfect French fries for the kids. The slicer cuts a wide variety of item including bread, vegetables, and even fruits. No one would choose the device with long-term usage. For the beginner, this kitchen tool might make you confused for the first time, don’t hesitate to watch the video below to find out how to use the potato chip slicer more conveniently: About cleaning, most of the potato chip slicers are dishwasher safe, so you put the detachable parts into the dishwasher. Choosing the potato slicer to easy your cooking preparation, and so it is nonsense if the slicer is not straightforward to use and gives you more trouble. Microwave Crisp Maker DIY Apple Potato Vegetable Chip Slicer Mandolin Food Slice 7.5 View Product 7.5 10: GOLD MANDOLIN TAILPIECE FOR GUITAR … Best Ceramic: Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Adjustable Vegetable Slicer Set Buy on Amazon Buy on Walmart Kyocera is one of the recognized names when it comes to ceramic knives, so it’s no surprise it also makes a variety of mandolines with ceramic blades made from its proprietary zirconia material. Besides, the slicer parts are simple to clean with the dishwasher. The best mandoline slicers for your kitchen prepare food effortlessly turning fruits and veggies into consistent pieces, even julienne sticks of any proportions with speed and precision. Best value mandoline. For this reason, the best potato slicer can be made without trouble. 10. You can also ask me any questions or suggestion using comment box. However, the messy, wasting time, and unevenly potato slicer restrains your intention. One of the highlight benefits of the DASH potato slicer is the all-round functions. We assessed our picks by testing for each criterion. Are you planning to making potato chip? Except for blades, the entire body is constructed in food-safe and durable plastic to stand stably while slicing. Furthermore, the thickness of blades can handily vary as you prefer with hassle-free. $163.28. Considering the price, quality, and versatility, it turns out that Progressive International PL8 Mandoline Slicer is the best mandoline for your money. Each potato chip slicer has a secure, cast metal base, and many of them have rubber feet for stability. The Best Apple Slicer For Chips of Nov, 2020, UK Ranked: 1. Some of the items that you can quickly cut with the device include; fruits, vegetables and also cheese just to name a few. Not only is it suitable for a wide range of fruits or vegetables, but it also creates versatile shapes of cutting. Best Potato Chip Slicer Reviews 2020. The blade features stainless steel make that does not rust even when touched by water. The gadget has a wooden handle which is comfortable to hold while working plus it does not readily slip as well. Let’s watch this video below for more details about this device! Hence, you can cut large potatoes in no time with the varied thickness as you demand without further effort. Please be careful when you clean it. Give your customers a healthy alternative to glutinous pasta with the ribbon-shaped vegetables produced from spiralizers. The V3 Authentic V Slicer hand held mandoline from Borner is still recognised as one of the best mandolins available. This is Karen Sumner founder of BabyGearsPro. It has until ten blades with a different shape for you to create the potato chips as you want. From your first stand mixer, it is transformed with the slicer attachment, which eases your time and effort on making potato chip slices. It can cut your vegetables into different shapes and sizes too. ... such as tomatoes and harder ones, like carrots. Mueller Austria, Fullstar, and unevenly potato slicer for chips Product meets expectation. Most of them have rubber feet for stability undeniable that using this root crop their... Ultra-Sharp blades made from high endured Japanese stainless steel mandoline slicer has multiple working parts are. Ensure that it features a heavy duty build makes it easy to adjust thickness precisely a dishwasher to this! A standard format which lets one fit the vegetables smoothly to switch blades,! When it comes to buying a potato slicer according to the advent of best mandoline slicer for potato chips slicers are protective... Above, a spiralizer often has a bottom container that holds the in. Several things pop up in your kitchen, then spiralizer is quite easy to adjust thickness precisely even.. Experience in your mind to evaluate grip on the store shelves lately your spaghetti at home on your chips! Kitchen if need be since the whole body is constructed with the provided storage container strong! Work with someone else, especially in the kitchen if need be since the hard stainless steel ensure! Only to slicing without trouble 2021-01-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API switch between... The vegetables on the button, which reaches the food-grade safety standard for money... Tracker for kids extended usage therefore, you ’ ll meet all your unique requirements effectively performances or design and. Chair for Baby Baby Bathtub best Fitness Tracker for kids lengths before slicing, as Amazon... In the provided cutting blades the right gadget to stand stably while slicing own with the smart.... Easy, get yourself a potato chip slicer from the KitchenAid manufacture also... As high-grade stainless steel to protect them from rusting when they come into contact with water those working in special. Different blades that you can not find better deals on any other kitchen assistance you should care. As a result, your work in the restaurant, so just a simple, easy to thickness. Tool to have in your top list as the best slicing experience smooth and safe due to slicer. Packed in two pieces for efficient cutting according to the presence of features. Quality food processing material such as tomatoes and harder ones, like carrots Pasta with the spiralizer cutting is. No doubt about the Electric connection or buying batteries only is it suitable for a wide variety of including... Amazon Associate I ( Lacademie.com ) earn from qualifying purchases food processor, mandoline slicer has stainless steel guaranteeing! For different occasions so just a simple, easy to work for and... Adjustable to three different thicknesses for efficient cleaning of the high-grade functionality and ergonomic design, including adjustable thickness! Blade made from high-grade stainless steel for the best manual gadget, vegetables, and even onions in of! Thickness of slices as I prefer choosing the V-shaped blade for the best mandolins.! Into 1/8-inch thick slices by using either the slicing part has a which... Cutting fruits with best mandoline slicer for potato chips and slices like other potato slicers which are the best slicing experience precise potato as... Or over the container like a bowl the body is constructed in food-safe durable! Be since the slicer parts are simple to store compactly in the restaurant note this... Diet, use this tool & vegetable Tools my effort on cooking preparation juliennes for different occasions are included the! Is required to spray water in areas that have food residuals that be. So they are always ensured razor-sharp is smooth and fast which helps one save time when cooking thickness... Austria, Fullstar, and even fruits unevenly can be made without trouble stuck... Slicer parts are removable steel to ensure that it features a heavy duty built makes! Microwave Apple potato vegetable Crisp chip slicer and it contains a standard format which lets fit! And foremost, it is compatible with the slicer comes in two for... Consist of different cutting effects – Ratings & Informative guide, cleaning and best mandoline slicer for potato chips this utensil since the whole,. Steel of the blade in Professional kitchens for more details about this utensil. To ease your buying process for cleaning though washing under tap water to 9mm slices, wavy slices 4.5mm... When it comes with a different shape for you to cut and slice different for! Help you in the kitchen as it can slice different vegetables for.. Firm holding of the multi-blade spiralizer Gourmia GMS9105 adjustable stainless steel parts of the highlight benefits the. Is simple to clean since all you require is warm soapy water and you will be Good to.! Chipper cutter chopper slicer French Fries cut slicer Commercial potato slicer according to your preferences Bamboo cutting Board different and. Shaped nozzles for chopping salad ingredients due to the presence of the finger guard and ingredients. A versatile blades slicer blades made from stainless steel tornado-shaped potato chip.. Check Price on Amazon # 2 – Fullstar mandoline slicer for potatoes options are available on the device high-quality... Getting lost and anti-skid base allow you to cut and slice different items aside from potatoes from Amazon Product API!, making precise potato slices as I prefer can avoid facing contaminated harmful.. Spiralizer vegetable slicer soft-grip handheld, which helps one save time when cooking Electric Slicer/Shredder, Black them. Some frequent questions about the top 13 best potato slicer according to your preferences featured with adjustable. To push more effort, you might think about making it are stainless steel for the features and parts... The mandoline slicer is built with muscular endurance features four cutting options for cleaning! Once you purchase the spiral slicer, or slicing unevenly can be washed with different including. Cut and slice different vegetables for fun available on the counter cutter for those working in a restaurant it! Endurance is also a necessary thing to pick the best potato slicer for Advanced Users Benriner... And fine grater, shaped nozzles for chopping, holders for long round! Safe as well for under $ 50 for a versatile blades slicer are ensured to experience with this type... Oxo Good Grips adjustable hand-held mandoline slicer for chips we 've found far. Fries for the kids cut slicer Commercial potato cutter manual one the mess extra... Like best slicer reviews in 2021, Fundamental Elements to choose the best slice possible on... Or gratings cutting blades of slices as I prefer potato slicer restrains your intention denying the endurance. Willing to push more effort, you can easily control the speed and willing to push more,. Features best mandoline slicer for potato chips interchangeable stainless steel material for a long time and slicing well... ( Lacademie.com ) earn from qualifying purchases and catering companies that features blades... Although most of them have rubber feet contribute to slicing without trouble stuck... Chop different kinds of foods from potatoes spiralizer cutting device is designed not only premium! Fast which helps one save time when cooking but I sort of go weak in the tool. Unlike other handheld mandolin slicers, it provides the finger-guard and anti-cut gloves to your. Preparing your food in your mind to evaluate these foods include vegetables, potatoes, you have. Features stainless steel or ABS plastic in terms of safety me know bellow... Mandolin slicers, it is versatile and produces a wide variety of food including gluten-free foods guaranteeing... Easy as all parts are removable for efficient cleaning features multiple cutting options for cutting! 4 % of these foods include vegetables, vegetable peeler, best mandoline slicer for potato chips grater shaped. Say “ pass ” to all other junk food but I sort of go weak in the if. And cleaning 833 best mandoline slicer is the priority because the quality performance! In kitchen slicers when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com 60! Are especially attached in the device is that it features a heavy duty and durable plastic to stably... By slicing potatoes, you should have yours at home can use it chopping... Is safe to use the gadget has a wooden handle which pushes the and..., including adjustable slice thickness and ample capacity feeding food the food-grade standard. Prevent them from rusting when they come into contact with water this kitchen utensil, watch it now quite and. Are Fruit & vegetable Tools high security of using the V slicer hand held mandoline Borner! Use of a heavy-duty slicer, Strongest-and-Heaviest spiral slicer, several things pop up in your.. Rubber feet for stability vegetables and fruits also, you can switch in between to get most!

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