Or at least part ghost... he was grey and slightly see through. 2 days ago Molten Scrap Ft. Foxy . A team of Creepypastas were sent to chec... #creepypasta #creepypastaocs #fnaf #someships Video Games Afton Aftons Fnaf Which Afton Are You ... Meet the aftons Part.1 (My AU) 3 days ago Dashx . However, Mike rarely trusts anyone anymore. What we do? Narrator P.O.VElizabeth walked past a tree for what felt like the thousandth time. This is my first quiz :)! Aftons + creepypasta react to Afton family (part 4) 7:43. Her brother! If you wanna know more then read the story. After the bite incident, Mike had always been a ghost. Creepypastas react to Afton family videos( part 2 of Afton Family meets creepypastas) PugzLovez Art and fun. Add to library 1 Discussion 9. Just For Fun Afton Family. Let me know is you like it and maybe I'll make more. Shadow Aka daisy birrell, Oof morning, A Retired Nightguard Got Glitchtrap. They are technically part of Marble Hornets, AND NOT CREEPYPASTA. I hope you enjoy. Some of y'all wanted part 2 so ( ω ) Add to library 22 Discussion 76. Creepypasta meets the Afton family. 7 weeks ago Ira . FNaF Meets Creepypasta Fanfiction. We are making a great worldwide video search engine website ! This is important because of the characters this A/N talks about. Add to library Discussion 2. ~The Afton family meets the creepypastas~Part 1~ 4:42. It was a normal day in the Creepypasta household until they were told to got check out a place. Creepypasta meets the Afton family PLEASE READ IMPORTANT. Our vision Our vison is to make a video search engine website which can support all the existing videos in the world for the end user's convenience. 1 week ago Oof morning . Ticci Toby, clock work, Masky, and hoodie. Out of Elizabeth and Chris Afton, who likes you more? (ㆁωㆁ) 2 days ago Dashx . This is a story about a teenager who meets the Famous Afton Family. ... Thirdly, Masky and hoodie. Download She finally saw a grey figure. Here you would have 2 from mha,2 from creepypasta,and 2 from aftons,aaand 1 bonus!i was kinda lazy TvT. 《If The Aftons Meet Creepypasta》 [Part-3 Все актуальные видео на армянскую тематику. Fandoms : Afton Family, Undertale, Creepypasta, Sans AUs. This isn’t an Afton family meets BHNA / MHA, MCYT, Creepypasta or Afton Family AU video, nor is it a William Afton in a room with FNAF 1 for 24h video, or an Elizabeth Afton meets the missing children video, or any other type of gacha club FNAF video, this is an Afton Family Reunion, or an Afton Family Restart if you wish to phrase it like me. I'll rate your OC. He usually only appeared to his family and people he trusts. I won't spoil more. Download Afton family meet creepypasta PART~1.mp3 for free, video, music or just listen Afton family meet creepypasta PART~1 mp3 song. Video Games Aftons Afton 24 Hours Fnaf. Which Afton are you? Видео о армянской культуре, Армении, армянах и все что связанно с ними. This place was a closed down Pizzeria called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Several Murders happened there in the 80's. The Aftons move into a new house near the woods after the missing children’s incident. Chris Afton meets Creepypasta. ... Y'all liked part 1 here's part 2... Add to library 17 Discussion 134.

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